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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do as a Career! by Carolyn Parry

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do as a Career!

By Carolyn Parry, Founder Director and Lead Coach at www.careeralchemy.co.uk

I understand how it feels not to know what it is you want to do with your working life. How do I know? Because I have been there! It’s that very same feeling of restlessness, yearning and searching which ultimately led me finding my place as a career coach helping talented early stage and career changing professionals find and create their futures in a way which works for them. Having had that sense of feeling lost and confused, I hope the following seven elements will help you start you towards identifying what will give you a sense of belonging and purpose so you can enjoy a fulfilling career. The world of work is changing rapidly with the growth of the gig economy, fixed term contracts and increased automation of services. The savvy career person will be the person who can use their passion and talent driven theme to help them feel grounded and build a great reputation. That’s the way to get the income, security and opportunity for a brilliant working life. It can be hard to realise that instead of feeling confused, lost or even scared, once you recognise that you have the power to create your life any way you choose to, those negative feelings will be replaced with a sense of curiosity and excitement as you create the future you want. adidas zx flux pas cher So how do you do that? 1. It is up to you to create your future the way you want it To start with, decide who it is you want to become. Look at who you admire in the world and use them, what they stand for and their qualities as clues to help. After all, what we like about others is a reflection of who we are or could become. 2. Discover what makes you unique (and yes, you are!) Understand your talents and unique gifts. And before you say, you don’t, you have – everyone does, you just have to accept this and look for them. So ask yourself “What is it that I do so easily that I can’t understand how others can’t see or do it?” There’s your gift right there! To help with this, spend some time thinking about what your vision of happiness and success is and what you need or choose to have in your life to achieve your vision. 3. basket adidas zx flux Find your curiosity or passion Consider what piques your curiosity or, if you know already, what drives your passion and look for a means of working in that context. Spend some time reading the career stories of successful people and you see that at the heart of every one, there is a passion or curiosity which inspires them and acts as the fuel and motivates their mindset and actions. asics chaussures 4. Understand what you have learnt already Be clear about the knowledge, skills and experiences you have and choose to develop those which already fill you with joy when you use them. 5. Identify your tribe Think about the type of people you want to work with and that will help you find your tribe. People tend to leave bosses rather than jobs, so it is important to understand who you will fit with, after all you will probably spend more time with them than with your partner! And before you say that it is just all about the money, trust me it’s really not! Values being abused will trump earning income every time. Think about your values and then use this as a way to find other like-minded individuals. You can be an accountant for example in lots of different sectors from manufacturing to charity. Thinking about the bigger picture may just help you find a more meaningful context to work in. adidas chaussures 6. Notice where you feel happiest For some, being in a city is the place to be where they get what they want – lots of stimulation and things to do. For others, being away from green spaces is damaging to their well-being. Decide what suits you best. We all work in different ways and with different needs. You may prefer to be in a room with lots of people for instance, or, perhaps you need quiet to write a report effectively. Again, being mindful of your needs will support your success. 7. Focus on the impact and contribution you want to make Above all, think about the difference you want to make, however humble or big, to people, places, society or things. Doing so, combined with your passion/curiosity will help you find your theme. adidas stan smith And finding your theme will help you find your unique place where you can amplify your gifts, talents and passion using your skills, knowledge and experience. Good luck on your journey as you puzzle out what career you want to pursue – enjoy the ride! © Carolyn Parry Career Alchemy by INSPiRARE Limited 2016.

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