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Wellness Profile: Marte van Os of Mantra Bar and Finger Licking Fit

Beijing’s resident health warrior, Marte has made a name for herself around town for her beautiful, delicious food and most recently, her Mantra Bar line. adidas ace You may also recognise her from previous blogs she has done for JingNews – read them here, here and here. Mantra Bar marte vanos jingnews jingjobs beijing health Name: Marte van Os Job: Founder of Finger Licking Fit and Mantra Bar Hi Marte! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to Beijing? Most people eat to live, I live to eat. Ever since I was a little girl, the kitchen has been my favourite place to spend my time in. From creating Champagne bottles made out of chocolate, to deboning meat, I love it all. Initially I never thought a career in food would even be a possibility, so I chose to study Chinese as the next best thing. Although I enjoyed it a lot, many classes were skipped for the sake of testing recipes and working in professional kitchens. adidas superstar soldes Four years ago I moved from the Netherlands to Beijing to get my Master’s Degree at Renmin University. After graduation I started working in the (healthy) food industry and have been doing lots of different delicious and fun things since: marketing for restaurants, teaching cooking classes, catering events, restaurant consulting and I recently launched Mantra Bar. Mantra Bar marte vanos jingnews jingjobs beijing health What is your philosophy about health? How does being healthy impact your life? I very much believe in a balanced diet (diet meaning a longterm lifestyle, not a short term method for weight loss). I mostly eat natural whole foods, but tacos and cocktails make regular appearances too. I aim to avoid health fads as I believe living healthy is not about spending a fortune on super foods or looking a certain way. It’s about getting back to basics: eating natural foods and cutting back on/avoiding processed foods where harmful additives have been added and good nutrition has been stripped in the factory. Living healthy helps to achieve peak performance. nike air max pas cher Sleep, fitness, diet, overall productivity, happiness.. they are all closely related: they all strengthen each other and at the same time also depend on each other. When doing one of them right, the others improve and get easier as well. But when slacking on one, all the others are also influenced in a negative way. It’s definitely a continuous challenge to keep it all up, especially when starting a new business, but knowing that all these different parts of my life help strengthen each other makes it a lot easier. What has been the biggest challenge so far personally and professionally? The biggest challenge so far is that I’m doing everything by myself. nike air max pas cher It’s not having a business partner or boss to keep me accountable or who tells me which steps to take next, having only my own experience and knowledge to work with, being the only one responsible for making decisions and tackling challenges, and when tired, overwhelmed or stuck, I have to kick my own bum to keep on going. The solution is very simple: I am actually not doing everything by myself. They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Beijing is full of inspiring people starting their own businesses, working and training hard, and stepping out of comfort zones. I learn a lot from other entrepreneurs, both from ones that are also just starting out, as well as from people that have been in the game for a long time. I learn a lot from how they are doing/ have done it, and this also inspires and motivates me to push boundaries and do new things. Mantra Bar marte vanos jingnews jingjobs beijing health Mantra Bar marte vanos jingnews jingjobs beijing health Mantra Bar marte vanos jingnews jingjobs beijing health You’ve recently launched Mantra Bar! Tell us about them. Mantra Bars are natural energy bars made with nuts and dried fruit. Each bar consists of nutritious, all-natural and high quality ingredients. Free of refined sugar and mystery additives, Mantra Bars pack a powerful, healthy punch that leaves you energised and satisfied. Perfect as a grab-and-go meal replacement for those busy days, as fuel for workouts, as a smart solution to sugar cravings or just as a healthy energy boost, Mantra Bars are designed to provide ideal nutrition to thrive in any situation. Mantra Bar marte vanos jingnews jingjobs beijing health What inspired you to create your Mantra Bar?

I was frustrated with the available options of on-the-go snacks in Beijing. Most of the granola/ nut energy bars out there are actually just candy bars in disguise, packed with added sugar syrups and preservatives, even though they are branded as healthy snacks. I decided to make my own all-natural snack that is packed with nutrition, free of all the excessive sugars and mystery additives, and that doesn’t compromise on flavor. With Mantra Bar I want to provide an alternative that is honest and transparent about which ingredients I use, where they come from and what their nutritional value is. Could you tell us some of your favourite places to go to in Beijing?

Obentos: the most legit healthy food in Beijing. Balanced food that’s packed with nutrition and flavour. Love what they stand for: focusing on nutrition, balance and taste, instead of chasing health fads and promoting a certain body image.

Taco Bar: carnitas grilled cheese sandwich and cocktails may be my favourite way to ring in the weekend

The Hatchery: love the vibe, the Mayan Quinoa Bowl, instagram-friendly food and how it’s basically a co-working space for F&B start-ups

Fight Fusion: daily kicks, punches and burpees are what keep me fit and mentally sane.

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