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Wellness Profile: GLO Kitchen + Fitness

GLO Kitchen + Fitness is Beijing’s fitness destination. They offer holistic and wholesome lifestyle experiences with healthy food and exercise. glo kitchen fitness beijing jingjobs jingnews First of all, can you tell us – what is GLO exactly? GLO Kitchen + Fitness is a three-floor concept space in the Central Business District of Beijing. chaussure asics It is a modern and casual dining space, where you can enjoy creative and healthy cooking methods to stimulate your senses while meeting your nutritional needs. Two flights down, you will also find a fully equipped, dynamic and unconventional CrossFit box, offering WODs as well as TRX, Yoga/Stretching and a schedule of outdoor activities. What was the inspiration behind GLO Kitchen + Fitness? Shirley and her partners wanted to share their passion for exploring the different elements of a healthy and active lifestyle so they created GLO, a community where members from different walks of life and backgrounds can train together, eat together, support each other through moments of breakdowns and breakthroughs, and inspire one another with their jaw-dropping personal stories. 
In a city like Beijing, where business and work do not often leave you time to cook healthy food, choose a healthy meal option and/or workout, Shirley and her partners launched GLO, a place where you can eat healthy and train. nike roshe run Sharing the healthy experience to the Chinese population is GLO’s mission. glo kitchen fitness beijing jingjobs jingnews What do you want your customers and clients to learn from GLO? GLO is for everyone. asics gel lyte For ordinary people living in this fast-paced age trying to juggle every ball life throws at us – all at the same time. Our one-stop shop is where you can come in for a quick lunchtime workout, sweat your stress away, hang out with new friends you meet at WOD (Workout Of the Day) over a healthy meal, or simply bring your kids/dogs/bikes in for a healthy weekend brunch. glo kitchen fitness beijing jingjobs jingnews What are the benefits of Crossfit and TRX? CrossFit is dynamic, competitive and “innovative” – as in, not the same as your average, everyday, visit to a gym. One of the most common complaints about working out and exercise in general is the amount of time it takes to get (visible) results so above all, CrossFit and TRX get results, without the need to dedicate hours and hours. ugg australia classic The program is a time-saver; it’s not about how long you exercise, but the intensity at which you exercise, helping to build up strength and stamina. TRX is a suspension training system. It develops your strength by using functional movements and dynamic positions. TRX gives you an opportunity to design exercises that challenge the entire body, in every plane of motion. glo kitchen fitness beijing jingjobs jingnews What inspires the menu at GLO Kitchen? GLO Kitchen is a casual space built by big hearts and passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. Our menu is designed to maximize the nutritional value of food items while satisfying the taste buds with a variety of big and creative flavours. Our menu includes gourmet sandwiches and wraps, fresh, locally-sourced salads and energy bowls, irresistibly tasty and healthy smoothies, beverages and soups, including vegan, paleo and gluten free friendly options. On top of the GLO signature mixes, we offer over 40 fresh ingredients to build your own sandwiches and salads! (Click here to read our review on GLO Kitchen!) What is your ultimate goal with GLO Kitchen and Fitness? To create a community where we can train together, eat together and explore the different elements of a healthy lifestyle. Location: Unit 103A-B, Guanghua Lu Soho, 22 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District 朝阳区光华路22号光华路SOHO 103A-B室 Hours: Daily 9am-9pm.

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