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Top 3 Job Advice Articles of the Week

jingjobs job advice 12 Quick and Simple Ways to Become a Great Leader in 2016 From Inc. By Bill Murphy Jr. New year, new start. With the end of 2015 fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your resolutions for the new year. asics basket How about choosing one that not only benefits you, but also helps others? By being a good leader, you inspire others and raise spirits. This article compiles 12 ways to turn yourself from a good leader into a great leader. Article here. 10 Daily Habits of the Most Confident People From Inc. By Chris Dessi Following with the theme of new year, new you, better yourself by believing in yourself. Confidence in yourself is a cycle – believing in yourself will make others believe in you. But how do you build confidence? The thought can seem daunting to the more introverted of us who equate confidence with being an extrovert. Chris Dessi has gathered 16 habits that confident people practice daily. Article here. nike air max tn 7 Mistakes Too Many Women Make When it’s Time to Negotiate their Salary From Business Insider By Libby Kane For all this talk of equality, gender relations between men and women are still sadly unequal. nike air max 90 homme The area where this is most apparent is regarding salary. Most women are afraid to argue for a higher salary, or voice their concerns over their lower salary for fear of being seen as too pushy or too aggressive. In this article, Libby Kane writes about the 7 largest mistakes women make when negotiating their salary and what to do about it. nike air max 1 Article here.

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