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Expat Profile: Brick O'Neal

Brick O'Neal and his lovely wife, Cici Feng Johnston

  Name: Brick O’Neal Job: Founder of TROUBLE BAR imports Hi Brick! Can you tell us a bit about your background and what made you decide to move to Beijing? Let’s rewind back to when I graduated from Sullivan University in Louisville Kentucky back in 2002 and went on to do an apprenticeship at 610 Magnolia (610 Magnolia St Louisville …

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Expat Profile: Sophie D'Agostino


Name: Sophie D’Agostino Age: 25 Job: Graphic Designer Hi Sophie! Can you tell us a bit about your background and what made you decide to move to Beijing? I was just about to graduate from art college in Scotland, when my boyfriend, who was working in Scotland at the time, was contacted out of the blue about a job opportunity in …

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Slick Threads at Golden Towers


One of the benefits of living in Wudaokou, Beijing’s university town, is finding out where price-savvy students shop. It can be hard to find reasonably priced, stylish clothing in Beijing, which is why Golden Towers is such an amazing find. Also known as the Wudaokou Clothing Market, it’s located a little further up from the Beijing Forestry University and is …

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Bites Around Beijing: Alibi and Sureño Edition


If greasy, delicious American-style food is your thing, try the Cheese Monster (45 RMB) at Alibi. Two juicy patties sandwich a generous amount of cheese, which means that each mouthful of your burger is full of oozy, juicy yumminess. To make things even better, the patties are topped with a giant onion ring and pickles. To round off your meal, …

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Dali Renjia 大理人家


Yunnan food is one of the most well-known of Chinese cuisines, mainly due to the influences of neighbouring regions Tibet, Vietnam and Burma. I had never tried any type of Yunnan food, and after some extensive research (google), I decided on Dali Renjia, a restaurant tucked away down a hutong. So I could order as much as possible, I gathered …

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Bites Around Beijing: Palms and Hatsune Edition


If you’re a foodie, chances are you’ll have heard of Palms. Palms is a new, hip restaurant in Gulou serving up incredible Korean/Mexican fusion cuisine. Try the baked bibimbap (48 RMB) and you will not be disappointed. A generous serving of well-seasoned rice topped with slow-cooked pork and gooey cheese, toasted seaweed, kimchi AND a fried egg. Each mouthful bursts …

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Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu 宝源饺子屋

The star attraction

Dumplings are a staple of Beijing cuisine, but if you are looking for something other than your regular pork and cabbage filling, it can be difficult to find places that have a variety of different fillings. For vegetarians, it can be especially difficult to find dumplings without meat or seafood. However at Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu 宝源饺子屋, there is a huge selections …

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Affordable Art and the 3rd Beijing Environment and Healthy Lifestyle Fair, June 5th-June 28th


June 5th, Thursday. 19:00-23:00. Affordable Art Sale. Interested in art but find the prices too high? Don’t miss this opportunity to buy amazing work from local artists at Beijing’s newest creative hub, the Meridian Space. Location: the Meridian Space, Building 8, C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Hou Jie,  Dongcheng district June 6th, Friday. 12:15. Old China Hands Monthly Luncheon. A monthly lunch get together …

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Expat Profile: Tommi Hew


Name: Tommi Hew Age: 31 Job: General Manager, B Active Fitness Hi Tommi! Can you tell us a bit about your background and what made you decide to move to Beijing? My family migrated to Perth, Australia from Malaysia when I was 8.  I spent my formative years studying and working in Australia with the latter years as National Project …

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Re-Up Launch Party

Future ingredients

  The official Re-Up Launch party was held on a beautiful, sunny afternoon on the rooftop terrace of Spoonful of Sugar in Dashilar. When we walked in, we were served from a selection of refreshing drinks – a red bull infused cocktail, an organic brut kava, and a delicious kumquat mocktail. We had an afternoon of interesting events ahead of …

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10 Things People Do In China That Outsiders Find Crazy from Business Insider

business insider beijing china jingjobs

For most people who come to China, they experience something of a culture shock (to put it mildly). Chances are, you’ve probably heard your fair share of stories over dinner with friends, and now BusinessInsider has compiled a list of things that are acceptable in China but nowhere else that will definitely ring true to anyone who has lived here. …

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Making the most of your Study Abroad in China (Part 2)


Making the most of your Study Abroad in China   This detail is often overlooked, but it is crucial. Studying in a new country means different currencies and different banks. Often, your debit card will either not work in China, or if it does, it comes with a hefty transaction fee. Trust me, this is not something that you want …

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Making the most of your Study Abroad in China (Part 1)


Making the most of your Study Abroad in China   China is gaining increasing popularity as a location for overseas students to study abroad. This is hardly surprising considering China’s recent and continuing economic boom and the fact that Mandarin is now one of the languages most widely spoken around the world. Being able to speak Mandarin is an asset …

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Dumpling Making Class at the Hutong Beijing

Artistic, instagram-filtered shot

Remember our post on Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu a while back? Well, I recently got to make colourful dumplings of my own. The Hutong Beijing offers a range of cooking classes, from Sichuan dishes to local Beijing street food. We arrived early, and sat ourselves on the tall stools and helped ourselves to plum juice and cucumber water. As soon as everyone …

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