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The Perfect Job for Your Personality

jingjobs meyers briggs personality test

Are you someone who is always the life of the party, dancing on tables and buying shots for everyone? Or are you more likely to be found sitting quietly in the corner, slightly overwhelmed by the crowd? Everyone has unique personalities, with their own individual strengths and weaknesses. That is why it is important to find a job that plays …

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What to Expect When Joining a Chinese Company


So you’ve moved to China, and you’ve managed to get yourself a job – but you might be worried. For a Western professional, moving to a wholly new workplace and environment is understandably very intimidating. Office culture in Mainland China can be a source of confusion, stress and embarrassment, so we have compiled a few pieces of advice for anyone joining …

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Beijing Restaurant Week: Factory by Salt

jingjobs factory by salt

Restaurant week is when I usually try places a bit out of my comfort zone – meaning anywhere that isn’t convenient for me to get to. Factory (by Salt) is located in 797, the apparently little known neighbouring street to 798. Asking for directions there resulted in me receiving numerous confused responses, the most common being, “You mean 798 right?”. …

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Company Profile: NLGX Design

NLGX Design

Name: NLGX Design Can you explain the concept behind NLGX Design? With NLGX Design we wanted to create an urban original design brand with designs inspired by graphics, materials, and colours of traditional China but with a modern western twist to it. All our graphic T’s for men’s, women’s and kids tell and unique story and message about daily life …

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Expat Profile: Colin Friedman


Name: Colin Friedman Job: CEO – Beijing Ai Fu Shi Consulting Ltd (aka FCGroup) Hi Colin! Can you tell us a bit about your background and what made you decide to move to Beijing? By trade I am an irrigation engineer (MSc) and I am a UK Chartered Environmentalist. I started working in China in 1998 at the request (insistence) …

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Agua Infinity Brunch Beijing

Beetroot marinated salmon eggs Benedict

Agua Infinity Brunch Beijing The reputation of Agua’s infinity brunch precedes it. I had stalked numerous instagrams (#agua #infinitybrunch #yummy #aguayum etc etc), wasting time staring at pictures of the mouth-watering dishes and so awaited the arrival of my Agua brunch date with anticipation. The concept of the brunch is a simple one – for a set price (298 RMB …

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Nola – New Orleans Cuisine in Beijing

Devilled eggs with chow chow relish

New Orleans cuisine is as vibrant and colourful as the city itself. The food draws inspiration from French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Native American, African and Cajun styles of cooking – the word melting pot has never been more apt. What I imagine about New Orleans cuisine is this: Heaving bowls of gumbo bursting with plump shrimp and juicy chicken, steaming …

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Avoid these Nonverbal Job Interview Mistakes


Avoid these Nonverbal Job Interview Mistakes – Advice for new Jobseekers     1) An astonishing 67% of candidates fail to deliver on one of the most important components of making a good first impression – eye contact. Strong eye contact shows that you have confidence in yourself and more importantly, that you have the ability to engage successfully with …

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Caribeño – A Cuban experience in Beijing

And even yummier

Caribeño – Cuban food in Beijing   Cuban food in Beijing – it sort of sounds like it wouldn’t work right? So when I heard about, Caribeno, a restaurant serving up regional Cuban cuisine, I was eager to go. Stepping into the restaurant is like stepping into a little corner of Havana. The walls are decorated with brightly, Mardi-Gras coloured …

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Making the most of your Study Abroad in China (Part 2)


Making the most of your Study Abroad in China   This detail is often overlooked, but it is crucial. Studying in a new country means different currencies and different banks. Often, your debit card will either not work in China, or if it does, it comes with a hefty transaction fee. Trust me, this is not something that you want …

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Set Lunch at Migas Beijing

Roasted dory fish with quinoa (Sadly, I was just reminded of Dory from Finding Nemo)

Set Lunch at Migas Beijing   Beijing is full of amazing lunch deals and perennial favourite Migas has long been known for its affordable and delicious set lunch. The menu changes regularly and when I went, Migas was offering dishes ranging from filled zucchini to beef empanadas. A three-course lunch will set you back a very decent 95 RMB, and …

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Rumi Beijing 入迷

Vegetable kebab

Rumi Beijing – Middle Eastern Cuisine   When I first moved to Beijing, I remember walking past Rumi and thinking – I have to try that place. And I finally did, last week. It’s located right next to Taikoo Li, in a row of Turkish/Middle Eastern restaurants. The restaurant itself is beautiful, especially with its outdoor seating area. Walking in, …

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Bites around Beijing: Spoonful of Sugar and Fat Duck Edition


Bites around Beijing: Spoonful of Sugar and Fat Duck (Renaissance Hotel) Edition With Beijing starting to heat up, I am constantly in the mood for a refreshing, light summer salad. And I found exactly that in the form of the Chali 2na 查理吞拿 (38 RMB), served at Spoonful of Sugar. A delicate, rejuvenating mixture of glass noodles, spicy tuna, summer asparagus, …

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Company Profile: Big Bear Baked Goods

Muddy Snow cookies -Soft buttery cookies with shaved Belgian chocolate and a center of Ghanaian dark chocolate with coarse sea salt.

Name: Jon Ellis Job: Founder of Big Bear Baked Goods What inspired your move to China? I had been doing a lot of jobs in Chicago before. I was a carpenter, I had worked on restorative properties in the suburbs, I was a barista and I worked at a gym and I just had a lot of jobs that just …

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