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China Study Abroad (CSA)


Name: David Goodman-Smith Could you give us a short introduction of yourselves? My father is English, my mother is American, and I was born in Hong Kong. I went to high school in the UK and then university in California where I studied Chinese History. Now I’ve been in Beijing for the past 7 years. So I’m no longer exactly …

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Slick Threads at Golden Towers


One of the benefits of living in Wudaokou, Beijing’s university town, is finding out where price-savvy students shop. It can be hard to find reasonably priced, stylish clothing in Beijing, which is why Golden Towers is such an amazing find. Also known as the Wudaokou Clothing Market, it’s located a little further up from the Beijing Forestry University and is …

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Dali Renjia 大理人家


Yunnan food is one of the most well-known of Chinese cuisines, mainly due to the influences of neighbouring regions Tibet, Vietnam and Burma. I had never tried any type of Yunnan food, and after some extensive research (google), I decided on Dali Renjia, a restaurant tucked away down a hutong. So I could order as much as possible, I gathered …

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Wine Tasting and John Kaiman


April 22nd Tuesday, 19.00-late. Beiluo. CBYA presents Guardian Reporter John Kaiman. If you have an interest in journalism, or are interested in China’s culture and politics, or even if you just want to spend an enjoyable evening meeting new people, come to CBYA’s event! Beijing-based reporter for the Guardian, John Kaiman will give a talk on his unique point of …

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Business Etiquette in China


Whether starting a business or joining one, especially in a foreign country, it is a good idea to acquaint yourself with their business culture. This is especially important if you are going somewhere like China. China is one of the oldest, continuous civilizations in the world, so the customs and manners of the Chinese today are very deeply rooted, stretching …

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Ericsson Company Visit and Crash Course to the Forbidden City, May 8th-23rd


May 8th, Thursday, 19:00-21:00. Ericsson Company Visit. This Ericsson Company visit is a rare opportunity not to be missed by! The visit provides a chance to network with Ericsson employees and other young professionals. You can expect a range of interesting topics to be covered in this visit, such as: -Strategic reasons and decisions to engage in China -Global leverage …

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Affordable Art and the 3rd Beijing Environment and Healthy Lifestyle Fair, June 5th-June 28th


June 5th, Thursday. 19:00-23:00. Affordable Art Sale. Interested in art but find the prices too high? Don’t miss this opportunity to buy amazing work from local artists at Beijing’s newest creative hub, the Meridian Space. Location: the Meridian Space, Building 8, C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Hou Jie,  Dongcheng district June 6th, Friday. 12:15. Old China Hands Monthly Luncheon. A monthly lunch get together …

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Expat Profile: Tommi Hew


Name: Tommi Hew Age: 31 Job: General Manager, B Active Fitness Hi Tommi! Can you tell us a bit about your background and what made you decide to move to Beijing? My family migrated to Perth, Australia from Malaysia when I was 8.  I spent my formative years studying and working in Australia with the latter years as National Project …

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8 Questions Every Candidate Should Ask During Job Interviews

job interview jingjobs jingnews

Earlier this month, I was interviewing a prospective designer for my company. The candidate asked, “Who does wireframing for your app, the product team or the design team?” A simple question. But it kicked off a great discussion about our processes and how he could contribute to the team. I remember thinking, “Hey, we are already working together…” This candidate …

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Hutong 喝s: Panda Brew


A lazy afternoon in Beijing is best spent exploring the historic, albeit rather touristy, Hutongs. The traditional way of living sharply clashes with the presence of numerous European inspired cafes and bars but the alternative feel has created a breeding ground for microbrews. Just a few days ago I was strolling through Wudaoying Hutong near Lama Temple. With so much …

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10 Things People Do In China That Outsiders Find Crazy from Business Insider

business insider beijing china jingjobs

For most people who come to China, they experience something of a culture shock (to put it mildly). Chances are, you’ve probably heard your fair share of stories over dinner with friends, and now BusinessInsider has compiled a list of things that are acceptable in China but nowhere else that will definitely ring true to anyone who has lived here. …

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6 Signs You’re in a Close Friendship with a Chinese Person

jingjobs karaoke

This is a repost with permission from yoyochinese. Original post here. Go to their site for more interesting articles about living in China! *** Not sure if your Chinese friend is more like an acquaintance or actually a close friend? It can be hard to tell sometimes. Some parts of friendship are universal, but there are some things that are …

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What to Expect When Joining a Chinese Company


So you’ve moved to China, and you’ve managed to get yourself a job – but you might be worried. For a Western professional, moving to a wholly new workplace and environment is understandably very intimidating. Office culture in Mainland China can be a source of confusion, stress and embarrassment, so we have compiled a few pieces of advice for anyone joining …

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20 Things That Change After Living In China by Vanessa Elizabeth


I can feel my opinions of what is socially/morally/economically acceptable change as my experience in China continues… Here are the main 20. 1. Hot water is king. It’s cured everything for generations and will continue to do so into the future. 2. There are indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. You’re not a barbarian. 3. It is 100% acceptable to eat …

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35 Tips on How Not to Offend your International Business Partners


When doing business abroad, one of the most useful tools is cultural knowledge about the country you are in. The website Entrepreneur has put together a handy info graphic titled “35 Tips on how not to offend your International Business Partners”. The information they’ve put together is valuable and very interesting – for instance, did you know that the famously …

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Caribeño – A Cuban experience in Beijing

And even yummier

Caribeño – Cuban food in Beijing   Cuban food in Beijing – it sort of sounds like it wouldn’t work right? So when I heard about, Caribeno, a restaurant serving up regional Cuban cuisine, I was eager to go. Stepping into the restaurant is like stepping into a little corner of Havana. The walls are decorated with brightly, Mardi-Gras coloured …

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Making the most of your Study Abroad in China (Part 2)


Making the most of your Study Abroad in China   This detail is often overlooked, but it is crucial. Studying in a new country means different currencies and different banks. Often, your debit card will either not work in China, or if it does, it comes with a hefty transaction fee. Trust me, this is not something that you want …

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Social Networking Events and Shanghai Job Fair, July 16 – September 20

Networking Events Beijing

Social Networking in Beijing and Shanghai Job Fair, July 16 – September 20 This week we’ve included notable networking events and job fairs in both Shanghai and Beijing. July 16th, Wednesday. 15:30-17:30.  Employee Retention: Retaining and Keeping happy Local Talent. The European Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to attend the second edition of People Matters series of …

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Making the most of your Study Abroad in China (Part 1)


Making the most of your Study Abroad in China   China is gaining increasing popularity as a location for overseas students to study abroad. This is hardly surprising considering China’s recent and continuing economic boom and the fact that Mandarin is now one of the languages most widely spoken around the world. Being able to speak Mandarin is an asset …

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Dumpling Making Class at the Hutong Beijing

Artistic, instagram-filtered shot

Remember our post on Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu a while back? Well, I recently got to make colourful dumplings of my own. The Hutong Beijing offers a range of cooking classes, from Sichuan dishes to local Beijing street food. We arrived early, and sat ourselves on the tall stools and helped ourselves to plum juice and cucumber water. As soon as everyone …

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