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Company Profile: SeekPanda

SeekPanda Founders matt conger phil kohn jingnews jingjobs

Name: SeekPanda Founders: Matt Conger and Phil Kohn Tell us about your backgrounds and why you both decided to come to China. Our path to China was sparked by business travel, not a study abroad opportunity or a trip with our parents when we were kids. The two of us are high school classmates from a small mountain town in …

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Business Profile: Sarah Jones of Hays Recruiting Experts

sarah hays jingjobs jingnews Beijing Hays

JingNews received a chance to sit down with Sarah Jones, Business Director of Hays North China who gave us valuable insight into the China job market and what recruiters look for. Spokesperson: Sarah Jones, Business Director, North China Hi Sarah! Can you tell us a bit about the development of your career path and how you came to China? I …

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How An Internship Can Affect Your Career from Hutong School

success jingjobs

Nowadays it is all about having the perfect CV, fitting as much as possible into the company, bringing the best qualifications, and in short: being the best (prospect) employee. Trying to make your CV stand out of the crowd is not as difficult as you may think. The fact that you ended up here shows you have already thought about the …

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A Guide to Chinese Visas


For almost all of the world’s citizens, some sort of visa is required for entry into the Mainland. Unfortunately, there is no escaping an often-tedious task of finding the right visa, getting approved and then eventually making it to China. Don’t worry though; because the effort is definitely worth it once you arrive into whatever vibrant metropolis you’ve decided to …

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Rugby at the Local and Burnball, May 28th-June 7th

Nick Kennedy, Gonzalo Garcia

May 28th, Wednesday. 7:30. AustCham breakfast with NAB Chief Economist Alan Oster and WSJ’s Dinny McMahon. As the second installment in the Post-Budget Breakfast Series, AustCham will be hosting a breakfast with NAB Chief Economist, Alan Oster, and the Wall Street Journal’s Dinny McMahon, who will provide a post budget economic outlook for Australia with a China focus. This will …

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Business Profile: Sylvia Liu of WildChina and Ellevate

sylva liu jingjobs jingnews 2

Name: Sylvia Liu Job: Marketing Manager at WildChina, Ellevate Network Beijing VP Hi Sylvia! Can you tell us a bit about your background? Of course. Technology has always been a significant part of my life. I was born in the center of China’s Silicon Valley, one block away from the office where Lenovo built their first computer. Growing up with …

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China Study Abroad (CSA)


Name: David Goodman-Smith Could you give us a short introduction of yourselves? My father is English, my mother is American, and I was born in Hong Kong. I went to high school in the UK and then university in California where I studied Chinese History. Now I’ve been in Beijing for the past 7 years. So I’m no longer exactly …

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Farm to Table Dinner and Career Development, 21st May – 5th June


May 21st, Wednesday. 20:00. Whose Line is it Anyway? 4 brave performers will arrive from England with no script and not the faintest idea of what will happen. Willed on by a supportive crowd, through improvisation they create whole sketches and comic dramas that are amazingly inventive and sometimes take off into flights of surreal brilliance. The US TV show …

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Wine Tasting and John Kaiman


April 22nd Tuesday, 19.00-late. Beiluo. CBYA presents Guardian Reporter John Kaiman. If you have an interest in journalism, or are interested in China’s culture and politics, or even if you just want to spend an enjoyable evening meeting new people, come to CBYA’s event! Beijing-based reporter for the Guardian, John Kaiman will give a talk on his unique point of …

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Business Etiquette in China


Whether starting a business or joining one, especially in a foreign country, it is a good idea to acquaint yourself with their business culture. This is especially important if you are going somewhere like China. China is one of the oldest, continuous civilizations in the world, so the customs and manners of the Chinese today are very deeply rooted, stretching …

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Breakfast Seminar: Leadership Pipeline, 15th April


15th April, 2014. From 8:00- 10:00An in-depth exploration of how the Leadership Pipeline concept with few simple initiatives can significantly increase the execution power of your organisation and transform your organisation into a talent factory. The German Chamber along with the Danish Chamber and the Swiss Chamber have invited Kent Jonasen to deliver this master class to help to fully understand …

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Summer Courses in China


If going to China seems incredibly daunting, don’t worry because Jing Jobs has gathered a selection of amazing summer courses on in Beijing and Shanghai this summer! A summer course is the perfect way to broaden your horizons and dip your feet into another culture. The length of the program means that you have the chance to see if you …

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Ericsson Company Visit and Crash Course to the Forbidden City, May 8th-23rd


May 8th, Thursday, 19:00-21:00. Ericsson Company Visit. This Ericsson Company visit is a rare opportunity not to be missed by! The visit provides a chance to network with Ericsson employees and other young professionals. You can expect a range of interesting topics to be covered in this visit, such as: -Strategic reasons and decisions to engage in China -Global leverage …

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Affordable Art and the 3rd Beijing Environment and Healthy Lifestyle Fair, June 5th-June 28th


June 5th, Thursday. 19:00-23:00. Affordable Art Sale. Interested in art but find the prices too high? Don’t miss this opportunity to buy amazing work from local artists at Beijing’s newest creative hub, the Meridian Space. Location: the Meridian Space, Building 8, C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Hou Jie,  Dongcheng district June 6th, Friday. 12:15. Old China Hands Monthly Luncheon. A monthly lunch get together …

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How to Make Any Job Look Remarkable on a Resume from News to Live By

resume help jingjobs jingnews

You might think your job is nothing special or, better yet, a stepping stone to an actual career. You figure “Who wants to learn about my boring job? I should play up my work ethic and personality instead.” So your resume is full of words like: – hard worker – team player – dependable Wrong. Plain wrong. You can make …

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6 Signs You’re in a Close Friendship with a Chinese Person

jingjobs karaoke

This is a repost with permission from yoyochinese. Original post here. Go to their site for more interesting articles about living in China! *** Not sure if your Chinese friend is more like an acquaintance or actually a close friend? It can be hard to tell sometimes. Some parts of friendship are universal, but there are some things that are …

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Expat Profile: Robynne Tindall

jingjobs robynne tindall

Name: Robynne Tindall Job: Dining Editor, The Beijinger Hi Robynne! Can you tell us a bit about your background and what made you decide to move to Beijing? I have always been a languages person, but when it came to choosing my degree I wanted to do something other than the usual French/Spanish/German language degrees offered in UK universities. Having …

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The Perfect Job for Your Personality

jingjobs meyers briggs personality test

Are you someone who is always the life of the party, dancing on tables and buying shots for everyone? Or are you more likely to be found sitting quietly in the corner, slightly overwhelmed by the crowd? Everyone has unique personalities, with their own individual strengths and weaknesses. That is why it is important to find a job that plays …

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Beijing Restaurant Week: Factory by Salt

jingjobs factory by salt

Restaurant week is when I usually try places a bit out of my comfort zone – meaning anywhere that isn’t convenient for me to get to. Factory (by Salt) is located in 797, the apparently little known neighbouring street to 798. Asking for directions there resulted in me receiving numerous confused responses, the most common being, “You mean 798 right?”. …

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Social Networking Events Beijing, September 24-October 31

jingjobs upcoming events

September 20th – October 31st. 14:00-17:30. Save the Date: Internship/Job Networking and Fair. Are you looking for an foreign internship in Shanghai? Do you want to gain more experience in China?
 Expatree brings different companies across various industries and regions in China of whom provide a wide range of internship offers for foreign students and young professionals. We are looking …

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