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Startup Profile : Isabel & Teresa from WuTang


Please tell us more about yourself and WuTang.

Teresa’s Background : Born and raised in Beijing and left Beijing to Wellesley, Massachusetts for high school and met Isabel. Later went off to Brown University to study History. Isabel’s Background : Born and raised in Beijing and left Beijing to Wellesley, Massachusetts for high school and met Teresa. Later went off to Duke to study Philosophy and Politics. adidas zx flux belgique   product1

Wutang’s Background

The founders of Wutang started by running a WeChat public account to spread a healthy, beautiful, and vital lifestyle. They later started their own natural skincare brand, Wutang, to respond to the lack of natural skincare in China and to provide a healthier, and more meaningful choice for young people like them. For the products, Wutang insists on using all natural and edible ingredients instead of petrochemical cheap fillers. Wutang also consciously chooses ingredients with meaningful stories, giving every product a soul. In this new era, Wutang has great faith in the power of social media. Through the medium of social media, Wutang wants to promote the core values of the brand and its products to consumers who are seeking a more meaningful and higher quality life. Wutang believes that business is one of the most crucial ways to promote positive social values, and skincare products with their own stories can make people glamorous inside-out.

What inspired you to start Zero WuTang?

We have been looking into the health market for more than half a year and we have been looking for an interesting entry point to do something new and meaningful. As we came back to China, we found there are nearly no natural skincare brands in China and all established natural skincare brands overseas are nearly impossible to find here because of certain government regulations. Although the field of natural skincare has not yet been discovered by most Chinese, as more and more people become aware of heathy diet and the importance of proper daily exercise, natural skincare is definitely the next boom in the health market. Under this toxic environment where Chinese, and especially Chinese young people, are facing hazardous air conditions, pesticides, and petrochemicals, an all-natural skincare brand with a positive message can provide young people with a much better choice. UGG Bottes product4

Are there some personal reasons that motivated you to sell eco-friendly and sustainable products?

Teresa: Since I was young, I’ve empathized strong with animals and nature. I always think animals have a stronger connection with nature than human beings do. adidas x 16.3 In college, I studied a lot about ancient cults and local rituals around the world, which deepened my curiosity on this issue. Doing something sustainable and eco-friendly was always in my blood and I believe it will lead me to find my own connection with nature. nike air max 2017 soldes Isabel: I was deeply influenced by my childhood best friend who had a life-long dedication to sustainability and environment, and wanted to help her create her legacy.  

What were some difficulties you ran into when Zero WuTang was first established?

For a consumer product, I think every brand runs into the question of how to sell more. We do not like the traditional retail system in China. It is too complicated to get in, it is not efficient at all and it is simply too stale for our generation. We have been researching all kinds of new retail methods that are employed by young brands both in China and overseas. nike free run We found that communicating with our customers, building a strong community around the brand and leveraging social media are crucial.   img_3743

Are you still facing those difficulties?

Knowing what to do is always easier than executing them in reality. We are carrying out our plans step by step to see whether they can achieve the effects we expected.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Teresa: Creating a brand is like having a baby. You take good care of it and you watch how it grows. Isabel: Being super creative and actually effectively solving problems.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

Teresa: I know I didn’t want to work for anyone ☺ Isabel : Yes. bottes ugg pas cher I knew I had the creativity and drive to build a meaningful enterprise.

Who is your role model? Why?

We have a lot of role models, like Lush and Frank. adidas zx However, we don’t think there is a single brand that can embrace all the values we want to embody in Wutang. asics gel lyte 3 soldes So, we have to build it by ourselves. Where would you like to travel? Teresa: How about the moon? Isabel: No, I think Mars is better.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Teresa: Yoga Isabel: I love horseback riding when I am not suffering from injuries.

What is your favorite place in Beijing?

Teresa: where my dogs are Isabel: Home sweet home.

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