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Social Networking Events China: 24th March – 31st March

24/03/2017 18:30-22:00 25/03/2017 09:00-22:00 Startup Weekend Auto *Linked Through WeChat Startup Weekend Cost RMB 250 Language: English Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Auto is the theme of this event. People Squared in Shanghai, Lane 988 Shen Chang Rd Minhang District Hongqiao Vanke center T5 B2 layer, Shanghai
24/03/2017 18:00-23:00 Swedish Beer Club at Shanghai Tattoo PistonheadBeer Cost RMB 100 pre-sale, 150 at the door Website here Scandic Foods Asia teams up with Shanghai Tattoo for the first Swedish Beer Club of the year. The event will feature the studio’s latest designs, and to tempt you further, they’ll be offering free-flow Swedish beer and all-you-can-eat BBQ. Tickets are RMB100 pre-sale, RMB150 at the door. 4/F, 1 Maoming Nan Lu, Shanghai 茂名南路1号4楼401
24/03/2017 08:30-10:30 China-UK trade after European Union exit: a win-win? (Shanghai) BritCham RSVP email: [email protected] Strong UK-China trade relations after Britain leaves the European Union are seen by many as a win-win. As the UK forges a new role for itself in the world, the British Government is keen to signal its ambition; but it is still unclear what the UK-EU and EU-China implications might mean for a bilateral deal. This exciting panel event will see experts from the UK Trade Policy Observatory at the University of Sussex discussing UK-Chinese trade relations against the backdrop of Brexit and the role of the World Trade Organisation.   The University of Sussex invites you to join their experts from the UK Trade Policy Observatory for a discussion on UK-Chinese trade against the backdrop of Brexit and the role of the World Trade Organisation.   The UK Trade Policy Observatory, based at the University of Sussex in England, has the largest concentration of economic, legal and international relations scholars with trade policy expertise and experience in Britain. adidas original The Observatory provides independent expert comment and analysis of trade policy proposals for the UK as well as training for policy makers and negotiators through tailored training packages. Jing An Shangri-La, Magnolia Ballroom 2 1218 Yan’an Middle Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China 上海延安中路1218号 南京西路静安嘉里中心
25/03/2017 09:00-13:00 WE CODE WordPress *Linked Through WeChat WE CODE Shanghai Cost RMB 200 Language: English We want to spread coding everywhere, we want to reduce the gap of people that only consume technology but don´t know how to write an read code in the era we are living. If you are an entrepreneur or a person with no knowledge of coding here in Shanghai, this is the right place for you. A complete morning to go from zero to success developing your WordPress skills. SandBox 3, Fengyang road 659, Shanghai
26/03/2017 16:30-22:00 Startup Weekend Auto (Observers) *Linked Through WeChat Startup Weekend Cost RMB 100 Language: English A Celebration of Entrepreneurship for Automobile Lovers! Come on Sunday at 4:30pm to watch the final pitches! People Squared in Shanghai, Lane 988 Shen Chang Rd Minhang District Hongqiao Vanke center T5 B2 layer, Shanghai, China
26/03/2017 10:00-17:00 Telling Our Story *Linked Through WeChat Women Techmakers Cost Free Language: Chinese The Women Techmakers project was launched by Women Tech Lead of the Google developers community to encourage and promote women’s participation in the technology sector. 142 TianLin Road, Xuhui district, Shanghai 田林路 142 号华鑫科技园
29/03/2017 18:30-20:00 Book presentation: A surprising insider’s look at China BenCham Cost RMB 150 Register here From imitation to innovation, China has become a market that no country or company can ignore anymore. On March 29th, Sven Agten will present his book “Hoe maak ik het in China?” (“How do I make it in China?”), which brings us a comprehensive understanding of the logic of China with fresh eyes! Event language: English The press 申报馆旧址 A1-03, The Shun Pao Plaza, No.309 Hankou Road, Huangpu District 黄浦区汉口路309号申报馆1楼A1-03
30/03/2017 13:00-17:00 ChinaNetCloud APN Acceleration *Linked Through WeChat ChinaNetCloud Cost Free Language: English and Chinese Exploring user needs and figuring out the value proposition to meet them is vital for startups. Design thinking offers us a tool to make that happen. 3F, #1237 middle Fuxing Road, Xuhui District Shanghai
30/03/2017 19:00 Why Do Startups Need Design Thinking? *Linked Through WeChat Cost Free Language: English Exploring user needs and figuring out the value proposition to meet them is vital for startups. Design thinking offers us a tool to make that happen. CBI Office, 202, Building C3, 800 Changde Road, Jing’an Shanghai
24/03/2017 08:00-18:00 China Hadoop Summit 2017 *Linked Through WeChat CHINAHADOOP.COM Cost RMB 2,600 Language: Chinese and English China Hadoop Summit is the earliest, largest and most influential event among Asia Pacific region, which witnesses the birth, boom and evolution of China’s big data ecosystem. Sheraton Hotel, Haidian District, Beijing 北京市海淀区喜来登
24/03/2017 19:00-02:00 InterNations Beijing Official March Event @ Mesh Internations Cost RMB 130 non-member Ready for another great party? Let us make your Beijing spring more fun by joinning our event Friday, 24 March @ Mesh. Yes, Mesh, we chose it again because we simply love the style, service and location (The Opposite House in Sanlitun North near 3.3). Mesh is a cool contemporary lounge for sophisticated tastes with a nice terrace to enjoy a glass of wine (we love CHEERS-http://www.cheers-wines.com) or a great cocktail with your old or new friends. 1号楼, 11号院 Sanlitun Rd, Chaoyang, China Beijing
25/03/2017 13:30-17:30 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Beijing and Venture DEMO DAY *Linked Through WeChat Chongqing Microsoft Cloud Mobile Application Platform Cost Free Language: Chinese The organizer aims to invite front runners in various industries, select excellent entrepreneur teams from multiple fields, including VR/AR, big data and mobile games. 1st Floor, Imperial Palace Hall, Microsoft Mansion, Beijing 北京微软大厦一楼故宫厅
25/03/2017 09:00-16:00 Workshop| Data Driven Decisions to Help Your Business Win Online AustCham Cost RMB 2888 Email: [email protected] Properly understanding the performance of your website can considerably help your business improve their digital ROI. Internetrix has worked with businesses like Webjet in Australia and Lvmama in China to effectively track and analyse your conversion pathways. Gaining transparency into your customer experience and uncovering potential weak areas in your conversion funnel can improve your customer retention and conversion rates. adidas tubular shadow Internetrix has delivered results increasing customer retention and completion rates by over 20%. Internetrix has also worked with businesses such as Domino’s Pizza Enterprises and carsales in Australia to deliver tracking and analysis resulting in improved business process and online experience saving the businesses real money in improved processes and customer conversion increases. The basics of these skills are what you will learn in our custom 1 day training course. Goals, Funnels and Segments are the building blocks of effective customer understanding and analysis. Room 1005, Tower A, U-Town Office Building, 1 Sanfengbeili, Chaoyang Dist. nike air max pas cher Beijing 100020 北京市朝阳区三丰北里1号,悠唐写字楼A座1005室,邮编:100020
25/03/2017 18:00-21:30 Chinaccelerator faithful – our 8×8 Speaking Event *Linked Through WeChat Chinaccelerator Cost Free Language: English Be one of the first who get to meet our new Batch 11 and learn from eight seasoned entrepreneurs and leading industry experts. 8 heroes each speak for 8 minutes on everything they learn from starting up in China and beyond. Tech Temple, Kelin Plaza B, 107 Dongsi North Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
25/03/2017 10:00-16:00 XINWORLD Innovation Fair 2017 *Linked Through WeChat YENCHING GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM Cost Free Language: English Join us to celebrate the innovative work and entrepreneurial spirt of startups and organizations across our nation’s capitial city. Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Peking University 北京北京大学全球创业企业中心
26/03/2017 13:00-17:00 Voice of Silicon Valley– Big Data Expert in China *Linked Through WeChat Data Yuan.cn Price RMB 99+ Language: Chinese The Silicon Valley symbolizes the high-tech industry, innovation and venture spirit. The conference will delve into the question: how are engineers there cultivated and Is there any special method of operation in Silicon Valley? Imperial Palace Hall, Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D Group Headquarters, Haidian District, Beijing 北京海淀丹棱街5号,微软亚太研发集团总部1号楼1层故宫厅
27/03/2017 17:00-19:00 AmCham China Open Day AmCham Sign up here What attracts more than 3,000 professionals to the American Chamber of Commerce in China? Find out how our advocacy, information, networking, and business support services help foreign companies succeed in China at our 2017 Open Day. nike dunk No matter large or small, American or European, our member companies represent the best of foreign business in China. Get a taste of how they benefit from their AmCham China membership as we open our doors for an informative session with the chamber’s leadership. AmCham China Conference Center The Office Park, Tower AB, 6th Floor No. 10 Jintongxi Road 北京市金桐西路10号 远洋光华国际 AB座6层 Beijing, Chaoyang District, China
28/03/2017 09:00-18:00 2017 Spring Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum *Linked Through WeChat Grape Venture Cost RMB 99+ Language: Chinese 2017 has been regarded as a vital and essential year to promote AI industry. The summit will focus on the future development and trend of AI technology in 5 years. In addition, how to tackle its impact from various perspectives is also the centre of the forum. Asian Hotel Beijing, Dongcheng District, Beijing 北京东城北京亚洲大酒店
28/03/2017 13:00-18:00 Robotics Innovation Competition *Linked Through WeChat Intel Cost Free Language: Chinese The conference will provide a platform for more than 50 investors and experts who are proficient in technology and entrepreneurship. The challenge aims to startups and scientific research institutions. Hailong Building, No.1 Zhongguancun Venture Street, Haidian District, Beijing 北京市海淀区中关村大街1号海龙大厦
29/03/2017 18:00-21:30 About Viva’s Events VivaProfessionalWomenNetwork Cost RMB 180-220 The purpose of Viva’s events is to Learn, Connect and Inspire. bottes timberland Viva organizes many events throughout the year. Among which, there is the Viva’s Monthly Event. Every month We invite a diversity of speakers who are highly professional and successful women and men from different backgrounds: Corporate sectors, NGOs or entrepreneurs. Four Seasons Hotel in Liangmaqiao
29/03/2017 18:30-21:00 Interchamber Wine Tasting Networking AHK Cost for non-members RMB 250 Register here The German Chamber of Commerce, along with Swiss Chamber, French Chamber and Benelux Chamber, cordially invites you to a special Interchamber Networking @Cheers Gulou on Wednesday, 29 March. Cheers Gulou, No. 245 Gulou East Street, Dongcheng District Beijing, China 北京市东城区鼓楼东大街245号
29/03/2017 13:30-17:30 The Digital Age of Retail Industry *Linked Through WeChat Microsoft Cost Free Language: Chinese The conference will focus on the current situation of retail industry and its potential opportunities. In addition, the forum will tackle the problem that how to improve this industry with the aid of new technologies like VR/AR/MR. Microsoft Building, No.5 Danling Street, Haidian District, Beijing 北京海淀丹棱街5号微软大厦
30/03/2017 09:00-16:30 Big Data New Momentum, Great Future *Linked Through WeChat Enter Cost Free Language: Chinese Big data international high-end market peak BBS to promote cloud computing, big data, data center, network security and so on future market trend of the development and cooperation, with big, collection, storage, security, data mining analysis, speed and big data to use as the backing, for different areas of the enterprise users to provide high-end market service, create a global culture brand. National Convention Center, Beijing 北京国家会议中心
30/03/2017 17:30-20:00 Internet Education CEO Meeting *Linked Through WeChat Zhongguancun MOOC Times Building Cost Free Language: Chinese The main theme of the conference is Artificial Intelligence. During the meeting, participants will strive to explore problems of Internet education, discuss its future trend and potential opportunities, thereby promoting its development. Zhongguancun MOOC Times Building, No.18, Zhongguancun Street,Haidian District, Beijing 北京海淀中关村大街18号B座中关村互联网教育创新中心
30/03/2017 18:45-21:45 Light it Up – Sharing Bright Ideas for Success Beijing Women’s Network & JingJobs Cost: 60 Language: English What does it take for a start-up to make it big, successful and sustainable? Every month, the Beijing Women’s Network and JingJobs bring together experts from diverse backgrounds to empower young and mid-range professionals to build upon their professional skills and networks. Join us on 30 March to listen and chat with three people who’ve taken their bright business ideas and turned them into reality – from idea to empire. Inncube, 9/F JingChao Building, No.5 Nongzhanguan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. 9/F 京朝大厦 农展馆南路5号 团结湖 北京 中国
31/03/2017 09:00-18:00 World IoT Conference – Shared Economic Summit *Linked Through WeChat World Internet of Things Convention Cost RMB 400+ Language: Chinese Leading companies, government agencies, experts and scholars will participate in the construction of the world’s Internet of things industry system, thereby pushing the development of emerging strategic Networking Industry around the world. Headquarters Base, Fengtai District, Beijing 北京丰台总部基地
31/03/2017 13:30-18:30 The 24th Beijing S Roadshow Summit *Linked Through WeChat Tianhu Business School Cost free Language: Chinese Tianhu Business School aims to provide a platform for communication between investors and entrepreneurs.

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