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Social Networking Events: 20th December 2017 – 24th January 2018



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Entrepreneurs Breakfast – Share & Get Advice

Entrepnr Shanghai

Cost: free

Please register here

Are you interested in validating your current business model or concept, but are not sure where to start? This meetup can help.

Many entrepreneurs are overly secretive about their business and how they make money, because they’re afraid someone will steal their idea. As the old adage goes, “an idea is only as good as its execution”. What are the odds that someone else will steal your idea and build a successful business out of it? Probably pretty low, so don’t be scared, speak out & share!

The Entrepreneurs Breakfast is an informal mentorship event, where you have the opportunity to present your business, talk about your current challenges, and other people attending will ask questions, challenge your model, provide honest feedback and give you suggestions on how to solve your problems.

> No Guest Speaker: you are immediately asked to introduce your business and share the 2-3 problems/issues where you need the most help (max 8 min for each participant).
> Keeping it Simple: it’s all about learning from others and making connections, everyone pays for their own coffee or breakfast.

This breakfast aims to be a regular event where entrepreneurs and business owners share their problems and issues in running their business in order to get advice from others. It’s the way mentorship should be: fast, focused and no fluff.

TBA, Shanghai




Executive Education in China – Beyond the MBA

AmCham Shanghai

Cost: Members: free; Non-Members: 200 RMB

Please register here

AmCham Shanghai’s HR Committee and Education Committee are pleased to jointly hold their first events of 2018 focused on how leading companies and business schools are developing their executives to excel in the 21st century global business environment.

Join us on 11 January to learn from two leaders in the field, one each from the Harvard Business School and General Electric. Both schools and major corporations devote substantial efforts and resources on non-degree executive education which boasts typically shorter programs with an academic and strategic focus.

– The Harvard Business School opened their Harvard Center Shanghai nearly a decade ago, and has since been working with top companies in the region on leadership development. One of our speakers, Ms. Tracy Pang, Director of Client Relations, has been with the Shanghai center since its opening.

– GE’s Crotonville campus has been famous for decades as a center for leadership development; GE launched its Crotonville China initiative in 2003. Our other speaker, Mr. Roy Tan, is Dean of GE Crotonville China.

We look forward to a deeply informed and valuable discussion with these two leaders in the field, and to your participation.

AmCham Shanghai Conference Centre, Suite 568, Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai




The Golden Rules of Marketing in China

AmCham Shanghai


–       Members:

     Online: 225 RMB; At-Door: 250 RMB

–       Non-Members:

     Online: 450 RMB; At-Door: 500 RMB

Please register here

The Marketing & Media Committee kicks off 2018 with Tom Doctoroff, one of Asia’s most respected Marketing experts.

Senior Partner Tom Doctoroff, one of Asia’s leading marketing professionals, former CEO of J. Walter Thompson and long-time Shanghai resident, will reveal China’s most beloved brands based on global brand consultancy Prophet’s newly-released Brand Relevance Index (BRI). He will explore the Chinese consumers’ fundamental motivations and explain why some brands do well and others fail to capture the Chinese imagination.

As we dive deep into the drivers of Chinese psychology, this session will also reveal the three “golden rules” of marketing in China, timeless principles to which every brand – global or local, online or offline — needs to follow. Even as China’s digital universe morphs at warp speed, successful brands must be brought into alignment with a timeless worldview and surprisingly-consistent commercial landscape.

In this session, Tom will also uncover how to conquer the “white space” – a huge untapped opportunity for all companies that exists in between low-margin “scaled” products and high-margin brands that remain “out-of-reach” for the vast majority of Chinese consumers.

Come join the Marketing Committee for a case study-filled discussion that promises to be enlightening, provocative and fun. Paul Lin, the Chair of the Marketing Committee, will host this showcase with Tom.

For more information about this event, please visit: https://amcham-shanghai.eventbank.cn/event/13678/

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai, 500 Weihai Road, Shanghai




Talent Shift → Joining Chinese Companies

AmCham Shanghai’s Human Resources Committee

Cost: Members: free; Non-Members: 300 RMB

Please register here

Over the past several years multinational companies in China have seen an increase in competition for talent from local Chinese companies. In this session we will explore this trend and address the following questions:

– What are the reasons behind the talent shift?

– What are the challenges faced by talents in a western company and how does that compare to a Chinese working environment?

– What do we learn about the Chinese mentality and business environment from these shifts?

Learn more about the shift in global talent and hear from a panel of senior professionals who have made the switch from multinationals to local Chinese companies. The session will be moderated by Alice Wong, Chair of the HR Committee at AmCham Shanghai.

12:00 Registration & Networking
12:15 Welcome Remarks
12:20 Panel Discussion
13:00 Audience Q&A
13:30 Session Ends

For more information about the speakers, please visit: https://amcham-shanghai.eventbank.cn/event/13414/

AmCham Shanghai Conference Centre, Suite 568, Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai




Beijing Entrepreneurs Dinner

Beijing Social and Mobile Meetup

Cost: free

Please register here

Eat, drink, relax, and share your challenges, ideas and questions with around 20 to 30 other Beijing entrepreneurs, investors and professionals.
The new venue is a brand new events space, with a choice of 9 restaurants to order from, including QMex, sushi, Guangdong food, and Italian.

If you need directions then please call Jenny on 137 1848 7092.

ILotus Space, 1st Floor, Shang, No. 20 Xinyuanli West, Chaoyang, Beijing

(it’s the building directly next to the Raffles International SOS Clinic, just a little north of Sanlitun
Closest subway station is Liangmaqiao (North-West Exit))




Standing Out at CES Las Vegas: How to prepare a successful presence at the world’s largest tech show

IM: Influence Matters

Cost: Pre-Book: 40 RMB; Door-Price: 50 RMB [both tickets include 1 drink (alcohol or non-alcohol)]

     Student Discount: 20 RMB [no drink included. Special discount for students]

Please register here

CES 2018 is the global stage for innovation and will span more than 2.6 million net square feet of exhibit space and feature more than 3,900 exhibiting companies unveiling technologies, products and services that touch every industry, including the content industry. It is the largest electronics show in the world that all the communications professionals in technology will follow and being involved.

Chinese innovation-driven companies have taken the center stage in recent years, bringing bigger and more exciting challenges to professionals involved in the preparation of their company’s or client’s show presence. But with so much happening, how can you stand out?

For our second China Tech PR Network event, we invite Nicky Szmala, Senior Marketing Campaign Manager, AR/VR, Tablets and Smart Home at Lenovo and Dionne Holder, Managing Director, China at FreemanXP for an insightful dialogue about preparing for CES from a communication’s perspective, based on their previous experiences of announcements and event organizations at CES, as they are less than 3 weeks away from the largest tech show in the world!

For more information about the event and the speakers, please visit: https://www.eventbank.cn/event/13628/

Hotel Jen Beijing, No. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing


Station: Jintaixizhao, Subway Line 10




Founder of the Zero-Waste Movement Speaker Bea Johnson Talk

The Bulk House

Cost: 125 RMB

Please register here

THE BULK HOUSE is honoured to invite Bea Johnson – the founder and advocate of the zero waste lifestyle to share her inspirational story with an audience in Beijing. Bea Johnson, together with THE BULK HOUSE, would also conduct discussions and answer questions during the event for zero waste lifestyle. We will delve deep into our daily lives about how to reduce the use of disposable products, try to live with fewer things, streamline life and gain a more focused and efficient life. If you are worried about the environmental pollution caused by waste, if you are annoyed by the space occupied by a lot of idle things in your home and office, attending this night will surely enlighten you.

DayDayUp, #2201 Block C, Sanlitun SOHO, Beijing






Cost: 88 RMB [includes 5 cookies to decorate + 2 cups of mulled wine]

Please RSVP in the WeChat: EventsCHEERS

Cookies, movies and mulled wine! The perfect combo for holidays!

The days in Beijing are getting cold, but not enough to keep us from having some fun! If you still want to hang out with your friends and keep the holidays spirit, come and join us for a Christmas classic movie while decorating your own cookies and sipping some CHEERS style mulled wine. The fee is 88rmb, which includes 5 cookies to decorate and 2 cups of mulled wine to keep you warm. Christmas and cozy attire is encouraged.

For more information about this event, please visit: https://www.cheers-wines.com/en/event/cookies-movies-mulled-wine/

Shop No. 06A, Level 6-1, Building No. 10, Yard No. 5, Shuguanxili, Chaoyang District, Beijing






Intern’s Regulars’ Table

German Chamber of Commerce

Cost: free! [You get a 20% discount on the whole menu]

Please register here

The German Chamber of Commerce in China organizes a monthly regulars’ table for Young Professionals, interns, students and trainees in Beijing. The purpose of this event, held in different locations, is to provide a casual platform for young and future business people – across different professional backgrounds and nationalities. This gathering’s character is very informal and laid-back, so that attendees not only profit from expanding their professional network, but at the same time mingle with like-minded people and could make new friends.

This month’s venue will be Bodensee Kitchen (at the second floor of the South German Bakery), where attendees of our regulars’ table will be granted a 20 % discount on the whole menu as well as special offers as following:
Bitburger 0.25l: 20 RMB
Bitburger 0.5l and Weihenstephan Wheat Beer: 35 RMB
Mulled Wine: 28 RMB
Classic Alsace: 48 RMB + add 15 RMB to get a Fresh Garden Salad on top

Address of the Bodensee Kitchen: Chaoyang Park Road, Lucky Street 27, South German Bakery 2F
地址: 北京市朝阳区朝阳公园路好运街27号, 德南面包房二楼

Bodensee Kitchen, Chaoyang Park Road, Lucky Street 27, South German Bakery 2F, Beijing
















Seminar: E-Commerce from a Legal Perspective

German Chamber of Commerce

Cost: Members: 100 RMB; Non-Members: 200 RMB

Please register here

E-Commerce is a hot topic, and hence already widely discussed. This Seminar offers the opportunity, to not only learn about e-Commerce from a business point of view, but moreover find out about crucial aspects and challenges of e-Commerce from the perspective of Law.
Join this Seminar to get valuable insights on two focus topics within e-Commerce, presented by Mr. Albrecht and Mr. Gorris, both experts in this field.

Topic 1: Legal problems In the Chinese e-commerce market
– Entry models into the Chinese e-Commerce market
– Legal issues when entering the Chinese e-Commerce market
– IPR Protection
– Take Down-Procedure of online shops

Topic 2: E-Commerce Platforms like Tmall and companies’ strategies to succeed on it
Learn about the three crucial factors for companies in regard to e-commerce: Brand Awareness, Key Account Status, Partner Selection and related questions, developments and implications.

Language: English


15:30 – 15:50 Registration
15:50 – 16:30 Presentation on topic 1 by Mr. Albrecht and Q&A
16:30 – 17:30 Presentation on topic 2 by Mr. Gorris and Q&A
17:30 – 18:00 Networking

For more information about the event/speakers, please visit: http://www2.china.ahk.de/chamber/beijing/details.asp?ID=7727

German Chamber of Commerce, Unit 0818, Landmark Tower II, 8 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang, Beijing






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