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Social Networking Events: 14th January – 28th January 2018







Future Leaders Committee Salon: The power of believing you can improve

AmCham Shanghai

Cost: 100RMB for Members, 150RMB for Non-Members

Please register here

This salon will focus on the TED Talk “The power of believing you can improve” by Carol Dweck, a well-known psychologist, professor, researcher, and author. Nick Moritz, founder of Wolfpack Response will lead a discussion on how in a world where we all know that life-long learning is a must, we can take on a “growth mindset” that rewards ourselves and our peers not only for passing tests or getting certifications, but for engaging in the process of learning itself. A major theme of the talk is on reframing how we think about our career path, by incorporating the notion of “yet” into where we are trying to go. There is a huge difference between saying to oneself, “I’ve never managed a team before,” and reframing to: “I haven’t managed a team…yet.”

In September of 2017, Stanford Professor Dweck was awarded the Yidan Prize, a $3.8 million award for her research on the ability to learn. Join us for an interactive workshop where we will walk away with practical, actionable strategies for thinking about our learning and careers in the long term.


1124 West Beijing Road, Shanghai, China



Talent Shift Joining Chinese Companies

AmCham Shanghai’s Human Resources Committee

Cost: Members: free; Non-Members: 300 RMB

Please register here

Over the past several years multinational companies in China have seen an increase in competition for talent from local Chinese companies. In this session we will explore this trend and address the following questions:

– What are the reasons behind the talent shift?

– What are the challenges faced by talents in a western company and how does that compare to a Chinese working environment?

– What do we learn about the Chinese mentality and business environment from these shifts?

Learn more about the shift in global talent and hear from a panel of senior professionals who have made the switch from multinationals to local Chinese companies. The session will be moderated by Alice Wong, Chair of the HR Committee at AmCham Shanghai.

12:00 Registration & Networking
12:15 Welcome Remarks
12:20 Panel Discussion
13:00 Audience Q&A
13:30 Session Ends

AmCham Shanghai Conference Centre, Suite 568, Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai




Bearaphy & DayDayUp

Cost: 30RMB

Please register here

At BARE conferences, you’ll hear a community leader share their insights, their advice, their personal experience. After their presentation, everybody will have a chance to discuss and find their own answers.

Ultimately, Bare aims to connect people and remind us that we’re not alone. Through sharing and listening to our behind-the-scenes, we can increase our empathy, compassion, and resilience. We hope Bare will be the first step in fostering a broader culture of strength through vulnerability.


14:00 – 14:30
Registration with Juices & Snacks


Introduction of Bare & Global Shaper


Bare Presentation by Enoch Li and Q&A

22nd Floor, Office Building C, Sanlitun SOHO



13:30 – 22:00

UCCA Art Film Screening: The 3rd One Way Street Book Festival


Cost: 40RMB for Non-Members & 35RMB for Members

Please register here

The One Way Street Book Award strives to encourage young writers to document the changes that developments in science and culture have wrought on contemporary society and language, while continuing to search for new, relevant interpretations of literary classics, and affirming the value of a life that has been enriched by literature.


2018.1.14 (Sun) 13:30-15:00 Still Tomorrow

2018.1.14 (Sun) 15:30-17:30 The Verse of Us

2018.1.14 (Sun) 18:30-20:00 Nezha

2018.1.15 (Mon) 19:00-22:00 The City of Exile

His Muse, His Lack of Possibilities 

2018.1.16(Tue) 19:30-21:00 Orphan

UCCA Auditorium

4 Road, 798 Art District, Chaoyang district, Beijing

北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4798艺术区 4号路 尤伦斯当代艺术中心



Austrade Breakfast Briefing


Cost: 100 for Members & 160RMB for Non-Members.

To RSVP please contact [email protected]

On Thursday the 18th of January, AustCham Beijing, in conjunction with Austrade, is hosting the Austrade Breakfast Briefing.

With ChAFTA further strengthening trade, investment and education links between Australia and China, Austrade’s Beijing-based leadership team will reflect on the past twelve months, and outline Austrade’s plans for the year ahead.

Join us in hearing from a number of experts in the Australia-China business sphere, including Dan Tebbutt, Senior Trade Commissioner & Minister-Counsellor at the Australian Embassy Beijing. Ticket price includes light breakfast, tea and coffee.

AustCham Beijing Office
Room 1003, Tower A, U-Town Office Building, 1 Sanfengbeili, Chaoyang District





Seminar: E-Commerce from a Legal Perspective

German Chamber of Commerce

Cost: Members: 100 RMB; Non-Members: 200 RMB

Please register here

E-Commerce is a hot topic, and hence already widely discussed. This Seminar offers the opportunity, to not only learn about e-Commerce from a business point of view, but moreover find out about crucial aspects and challenges of e-Commerce from the perspective of Law.
Join this Seminar to get valuable insights on two focus topics within e-Commerce, presented by Mr. Albrecht and Mr. Gorris, both experts in this field.

Topic 1: Legal problems In the Chinese e-commerce market
– Entry models into the Chinese e-Commerce market
– Legal issues when entering the Chinese e-Commerce market
– IPR Protection
– Take Down-Procedure of online shops

Topic 2: E-Commerce Platforms like Tmall and companies’ strategies to succeed on it
Learn about the three crucial factors for companies in regard to e-commerce: Brand Awareness, Key Account Status, Partner Selection and related questions, developments and implications.

Language: English


15:30 – 15:50 Registration
15:50 – 16:30 Presentation on topic 1 by Mr. Albrecht and Q&A
16:30 – 17:30 Presentation on topic 2 by Mr. Gorris and Q&A
17:30 – 18:00 Networking

For more information about the event/speakers, please visit: http://www2.china.ahk.de/chamber/beijing/details.asp?ID=7727

German Chamber of Commerce, Unit 0818, Landmark Tower II, 8 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang, Beijing




Career Woman Forward: Dialogue with Ambassador of Sweden Ms. Anna Lindstedt

British Chamber

Cost: 100RMB for Members and 150RMB for Non-Members

Join us for the first session of G8 Inter-Chamber Series: Career Woman Forward in 2018, with Ambassador Anna Lindstedt, a successful diplomat and a mother of four.

Ms. Anna Lindstedt is the Ambassador of Sweden to the People’s Republic of China. Previously, she also served as the Ambassador of Sweden to Mongolia, Mexico and Vietnam. She is fluent in Swedish, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Indonesian, and also has basic knowledge of Chinese, German and Vietnamese.

What are the lessons learnt and tips she wished she knew? How to progress forward with knowledge and expertise, confidence and ambition, and elegance? During the talk, Ms. Anna Lindstedt will share her journey and wisdom as an inspiring career woman.

The G8 Inter Chamber Series: Career Woman Forward, was jointly initiated by eight chambers of commerce in China, including the American Chamber, British Chamber, European Chamber, Australian Chamber, Finnish Business Council, Swedish Chamber, and Benelux Chamber.

The G8 aims to showcase and develop inspiring and professional women in each chamber’s respective community, and also serves as a platform to enable established leaders to share the career stories and insights on policies to promote gender diversity and career advancement.


18:30 – Registration

19:00 – Amb. Anna Lindstedt Speech – Anna Lindstedt

19:45 – Q&A

20:15 – Mingle

Shang/ILotus Space, No. 20 Xinyuanli West, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China



The Australia Day BBQ 2018


Cost: 250RMB for Members and 300 for Non-Members

To RSVP please contact [email protected]

We’ll be celebrating everything Aussie, with a delicious spread of all the classic BBQ foods that we know and love, including Australian beef snags, rump steak and lamb chops. Ticket price includes free-flow beer, wine and soft drinks, as well as an all you can eat buffet. 

22 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang




The Australia Day BBQ 2018

AustCham South China

Cost: 250RMB for Members and 300 for Non-Members

To RSVP please contact [email protected]

Australia Day is approaching! This year there’s no need to get your barbies fired up and your stubbies in the cooler because AustCham has you covered! Join us in celebrating Australia’s culture, diversity, history, and future. 

Guangdong International Building, No. 339, Huanshi Road East, Guangzhou


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