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Slow Boat Brewery

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Slow Boat Brewery in Sanlitun
Slow Boat has finally opened their long-awaited new storefront in Sanlitun. ugg bottes Walking in, you are greeted by a slick modern interior, with pops of red dominating the colour scheme. adidas tubular To get an idea of how bright and airy Slowboat is, the space was originally a warehouse and took over 5 months to renovate. 6 JingJobs JingNews SlowBoat Sanlitun With a delicious, extensive menu, Slow Boat has managed to craft a selection of food for every palate imaginable – even vegetarians. The idea behind the menu was to redefine the burger in people’s eyes, to take a classic and make it modern and fresh. Why burgers? They’re iconic and familiar with most people. Let’s start off with their burgers – the Lao Tai Tai (75 RMB) stands out immediately. nike air max 2016 Firstly for its moniker, secondly for the addition of pineapple and peanut butter in the burger. nike air max 2018 It’s a combination that may make the unadventurous balk, but surprisingly it works. Really well. The beef patty is thick, juicy and meaty, and the addition of the sugary pineapple and sticky peanut butter creates something extraordinary. Through some type of magic, individual flavours of salty, sour and sweet stand out with each bite. nike cortez Don’t miss this. Another stand out burger is the Double Trouble burger (85 RMB). Two meaty slices of pure beef patties, crispy, smoky bacon, triangles of fluorescent American cheese and onions– what’s not to like? Fear not vegetarians, your savior comes in the form of the Dongsi Tofu (45 RMB), a crunchy tofu patty topped with fresh slaw and a generous slick of sriracha-honey sauce. All burgers come with a pickle on the side.  
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Seasoned Fries
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The House Kale Salad
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For people watching their waistlines, there’s an array of tempting light options, from a House Kale Salad (65 RMB), with crisp snow peas and grilled chicken, to a Watermelon, Feta and Salmon Salad (70 RMB). The sides are extensive, ranging from Beer Battered Pickles, which are moreish, soft and warm in the middle, to classics like wings (maple-glazed, buffalo and the spicy four flames).

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Fruit Popsicles
Drinks wise, Slowboat does not disappoint with its selection of 20 different kinds of freshly brewed wheat beers. All beers are made in house and fermented anywhere from 2-4 weeks. For a fresh take on burgers and other pub classics, go to Slowboat – you’d be a fool to miss out.   Address : 朝阳区南三里屯路6号 /6 South Sanlitun Street, Chaoyang District.

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