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Recap: The Global Office – Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges

About a week ago, Beijing Women’s Network and JingJobs held another one of their Professional Development Series. The event included topics about young professionals working in an intercultural environment, solving language barriers, and forging team identity. ugg pour homme The night was welcomed by Beijing Women’s Network’s Stephanie Jackson, followed by a voice note from Ella Kidron from JD.com, who unfortunately couldn’t not join the event as one of the speakers. asics soldes CCA Marketing Consultant’s Christian Jensen and Aida Gao from Rolls-Royce anchored the event with their presentations, mentioning their experience and high-lows working in an international setting.

Photo: JC Photo Studio.

Both Christian and Aida provided insights on how to overcome their challenges, and how reflecting on biases can help with enabling better and more efficient intercultural communication. adidas superstar soldes After the speakers are done presenting, Influence Matters’ very own Simon Vericel (despite his arm injury, thanks Simon!) joined in for the panel discussion, with Stephanie facilitating. timberland discount

Photo: JC Photo Studio.
From left to right: Stephanie Jackson, Christian Jensen, Aida Gao, and Simon Vericel. Photo: JC Photo Studio.

Questions came from attendees for the panel discussion, such as how to get a point across in a workplace that is heavily influenced by high-context culture, mistakes in a new work environment, and networking in a new area. avis bottes ugg Speakers gave their personal insights on how to conquer these problems, and the event came to an end.

Photo: JC Photo Studio

The Global Office event was not just a seminar with a panel discussion, the night was followed by a networking session, and entrance fees purchased by all attendees proceeds to charity. The air was electric and thick with excitement – excitement for tacos, provided by our caterer, Palms.

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