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Raise Your Wellness with BaseFit! // 和BaseFit提高个人健康!

  Being successful at your job doesn’t start with your morning shift, it is a 24 hour cycle – meaning working healthy is living healthy – and BaseFit is here to help you achieve that. Being able to adopt a healthy lifestyle and remain physically active in Beijing’s pollution is a challenge. In order to help you overcome that, get yourself along to ‘Raise Your Wellness with BaseFit‘ where you will learn new ways to keep healthy and have a fun time while you are there. This event will be taught by living fitness professionals who are experienced in training successful workers in improving their health while still getting to work on time. The after event activity will also include a workout session, so don’t forget to pack extra clothes and prepare for an amazing exercise experience with BaseFit! Reserve your spot as we only have 25 spots available! **Tickets are sold separately from the Job Fair entrance and workshop tickets. Be sure to purchase your entrance ticket and ‘Raise Your Wellness’ ticket at the same time!

在您的工作上成功并不仅仅始于早班,这是一个 24 小时的循环 – 意思是说,工作 健康就是生活健康,而 BaseFit 就是来帮助您的。在北京的雾霾污染下,能够采用 健康的生活方式并保持健身习惯是一个挑战。为了帮助您克服这个挑战,来参加我 们的“与 BaseFit 提高个人健康”活动,在这里与我们一起学习保持健康又充满欢 乐的新方法吧! 这个活动将由在训练职场精英既保持工作效率又提高个人健康方面经验丰富健身 专家亲自教授。 仅限 25 个座位,所以尽快来预定您的席位吧! **门票将与招聘会入门门票和工作坊门票分别销售。 ugg boots bailey 记得确保同时购买您的入门门 票和“提高个人健康”门票哟!

Click here to sign up for our job fair and the BaseFit after event! 点此注册我们的招聘会和会后的 BaseFit 活动! Or Scan the QR Code//扫二维码 WeChat Registration September Jobfair

  Here’s how to sign up // 怎样注册 : Step 1. The link should pop up in a new tab, and you will see this page 第一步. 这个链接将会待您看到下面的页面 Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.48.18 PM Step 2. Choose the entrance pass for the job fair (first option) if you don’t already have one as well as the ticket for the BaseFit event (third option). Step 3. Click “Register Now“, complete your payment and voila! You are good to go! 第二步. 如果以前没有购买过的话,请选择招聘会入门门票(第一个选项)以及 BaseFit 健身活动(第三个选 项) Agenda 13:00 – 13:30 Check-in and registration starts for JingJobs Job Fair // 招聘会登记签到 13:30 – 16:00 Job Fair + Networking Session + Workshop // 招聘会+社交活动+工作坊 16:00 – 17:15 After event activity: Raise Your Wellness with BaseFit // 会后活动:与 Base Fit 提高你的个人健康 Location Map//地图 WechatIMG11 Gain insight into new ways of staying active while still getting to the office on time. nike femme solde Sip into your fresh BaseFuel smoothies right after the workout and enjoy vouchers with 500 RMB each! 获取在准时到达办公室的同时保持活力的小窍门。在健身结束之后立刻品尝等待您的新鲜 BaseFuel 思慕雪 并且享受价值 500 元的优惠券!! Here is an introduction for your instructors: WechatIMG20 Brendan A former competitive tennis player, Brendan, our Lead Trainer, has been in the fitness and health industry his whole life. A degree in Physical Training led him to an illustrious career training Chinese celebrities and high-profile businessmen. And, because you deserve no less than China’s rich and famous do, Brendan offers his Base Fit clients the same high quality of training that his former clientele enjoyed. He will keep you stimulated, inspired and challenged while focusing on injury prevention, posture and alignment. asics nimbus 我们的主教练,是前竞技性网球选手,一生都致力于体育健康业。体育训练的学位将他带入了一个光彩的职业,训练中国明星还有高级商人。 Louboutin Pas Cher 因为你值得拥有和中国名流富人同等的待遇,Brendan, 将提供BaseFit客户与他的前客户享受过的同等水准的训练。他会在专注于避免受伤与校准姿势的同时,让你保持活力,带给你新的灵感与挑战。 WechatIMG19 TT A longtime sport enthusiast and a charming people person, TT is one of those lucky few who have managed to channel their passion and skills into a job they truly love. He thrives on leading by example: One look at him and you can tell that he lives to exercise. Because of this, he is intimately familiar with the struggle and discipline required for keeping fit. TT works hard to get you results, but understands that it’s about the journey as much as the destination. He strives to make his classes fun and engaging, and to create a meaningful bond with his clients. 一个长期的运动爱好者和迷人的社交达人,TT是将他的热情与技巧融入到一个自己真正喜爱的职业中的少数幸运儿之一。他致力于用亲身示范带领他人:只要看到他你就知道他是以健身为生。因此,他对由为了保持身材而带来的烦恼和自我约束再熟悉不过。TT努力给你带来质的改变,同时也理解健身的过程与结果同等重要。他尽量把他的课程设计的丰富有趣吸引人,也喜欢与客户建立真正有意义的关系。

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