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New Era, New JingJobs: Jobseeker Profiles


We Made Some Changes

Don’t freak out! We had some upgrades to our platform recently and there may be some differences in navigation and how to access information. air jordan soldes Have a read of our latest features below, we’re still making some changes as the website is in soft launch but feel free to let us know your feedback, suggestions and how we can help you with your job hunt!

Create or Edit your Profile

  • Register and Create Your Account Now
  • Sign in and click on “Profile” then fill in/edit your information.

Auto-Save Your Profile Content

Please remain calm if you can’t find the “Save” button as your information now autosaves as you type!
  • indicates that information needs to be input.
  • indicates that information has been saved.
  • Be sure to enter your email address in the correct space. Please only use lowercase letters.
  • To enlarge a text-box, click on the edge of the right-bottom side of the box as pictured below.


You can have both a Chinese and English profile!

Fear not, you can always inform the companies that your Profile is just in Chinese
  • Simply state in the English description box to let readers know that your bio is in Chinese


  • You can always view your Profile in either English or Chinese by clicking on EN or 中文 – at the very top right of the page.


Search for Companies Who Approved Your Application

  • Go to “Applications” then click on “Open Applications” and the list of the companies who approved your application will appear. Once your application has been approved by the company, you can click on the telephone icon and their company contact information will appear and you will be able to contact them directly.

Remove Job(s) you applied to

  • Go to “Application” then “Current Jobs” then “Open Application” and click “Archive.” To view applications that you have removed, go to “Archived Applications.”


Search for Companies

Find companies that post suitable job positions for you

  • Type keywords in the search bar. For advanced search, click “Advanced” and fill in more detailed information to make your search more specific.


HR Butler: CV Consultation, CV Translation, Jobseeking Assistance, LinkedIn Consultation, Job Interview Training, HR Research & Visa Consultation.

  • Click on HR Services on the top part of the page and you will be redirected to our HR Butler Page. adidas femme If you’re struggling to find a job and land interviews, we’re here to help.

Enable/Disable Account + Change your Password

  • To disable your account please click on “Disable.”
  • To change your password, please fill in your old and new password in the appropriate spaces.


  • New feature : Click on “News” on the top of the page and you will be redirected to our JingNews page, where we cover career advice, start up and entrepreneur profiles, lifestyle reviews and a weekly update of all the networking events happening around BJ and SH.

01c80b69-c3fa-4182-a1eb-2623ebe15ffd Feel free to tell us your feedback and suggestions, or to just say hello! [email protected]. ugg bottes If you are having problems with the new site, please clear your cache and browsing history and try again before contacting us. adidas original Thanks!

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