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New Era, New JingJobs: Company Profiles


JingJobs is celebrating the launch of our brand new website! We hope you’ll love it as much as we do! Please find information below to help guide you through our exciting updates.


Company Profiles

Post A New Job

  • Register and Create Your Account Now !
  • Sign in and click “Manage Jobs” then “Post a Job.” You can filter your job posts search by views, newest, and oldest posts.

Auto-Save Your Job Post Content

Please remain calm if you can’t find the “Post Job” button
  • indicates your information is still not yet saved, please re-input.
  • indicates the information that you’ve just input is saved
  • Enter your email address in the correct space. Soldes 2017 Asics Be sure to only use lowercase letters with no symbols. To Enlarge a text-box, click on the edge of the right-bottom side of the box as pictured in the image below.


Your Job Post content can only be in English

Fear not, you can always inform your jobseekers that your job post is in Chinese
  • You can always view your job description in either English or Chinese by clicking on EN or 中文 at the top right of the page.


Edit your Job post

  • Go to “Manage Jobs” then “Current Jobs” and click “Edit”
  • Warning : by doing so, you will reset the amount of views your job post had and the applicants for the job post will be archived.

Remove your Job post

  • Go to “Manage Jobs” then “Current Jobs” and click “Archive.” You can go to “Archived Jobs” to view the jobs that you have removed but once you remove a job, it will be permanently archived.

Search for Jobseekers

  • Find out who is currently searching for your job: go to “Search,” fill in the name of the job and choose Jobseekers. For a more specific search – click “Advanced” and fill in more detailed information.


Search for/Remove Jobseekers Who Applied for a Job You Posted

If you “Archive” a jobseeker, you can later retrieve them.
  • Go to “Applications,” click “Open Applications,” and then click “select the job” to choose which job you want to view. adidas pas cher A list of jobseekers who applied for the job will appear.
  • Symbols of the following will appear: Jobseeker’s picture + Your company logo = Telephone. Click the “Approve” button and once the Telephone symbol turns orange, click on the telephone symbol to receive the contact information of the Jobseeker.


  • If you wish to archive the jobseeker, please go click “Archive” below the telephone symbol and the jobseeker will be sent directly to “Archived Applications.”
  • Please go to “Applications” then click on “Archived Applications” to see removed Jobseekers who applied for your job post.

HR Butler

  • Click on HR Services on the top part of the page and you will be redirected to our HR Butler Page.

Edit your profile

  • Click on the your company logo on the top-right side of the screen and choose “Edit Profile” to fix or add more information about your company.

Enable/Disable Account + Change your Password

  • Click on the your company logo on the top-right side of the screen and choose “Options.”
  • To disable your account, please click on “Disable.”
  • To change your password, please fill in your old and new password in the spaces provided.


  • New feature: Click on “News” on the top part of the page and you will be redirected to our JingNews page

JingJobs API

  • Want to allow your website admins to post a job on JingJobs from your company’s dashboard? Would access to JingJobs search help your users? The JingJobs API might be just what you need. Our API communicates in JSON and utilizes some of today’s best security practices. Send us an email at [email protected].

  01c80b69-c3fa-4182-a1eb-2623ebe15ffd Feel free to tell us your feedback and suggestions, or to just say hello! [email protected]. louboutin homme If you are having problems with the new site, please make sure you clear your cache and try again before contacting us. asics basket Thanks! dbfdf8f4-3d42-45ab-8f39-7ce2b9157467

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