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JingJobs Job Fair: How will this be unique for Jobseekers? // 针对求职者来说我们的招聘会将会如何与众不同呢?

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Road to Success is an event you don’t want to miss.


Are you sick of seeing only full time job ads in Beijing? Starting to give up on finding a part time job that can help you to learn and also pay while studying in Beijing? Well, JingJobs is here to help!
当您在北京学习深造,希望寻求一份既能兼顾学业又能有所收获和报酬的工作时,您是否厌倦了只看到 北京全职招聘广告?甚至已经想放弃搜寻兼职岗? JingJobs可以帮到您!

JingJobs’ Road to Success provides you with the perfect opportunity to score yourself a part time job, freelancing & Internship opportunities in Beijing.

We are also offering three fantastic workshops with experienced professionals who will provide you with one on one support to tweak up your CV (or resume), boost your confidence for that intimidating job interview, as well as demonstrate how your bilingual skills can be your greatest strength in getting your career started.

Finally, we have designed a terrific workshop with BaseFit, one of the top fitness companies in China, to help you gain insight into ways of staying active while still getting to the office on time.
招聘会后,我们联合国内一家顶级健身公司 BaseFit共同策划了一场超棒的健身工作坊,帮助您深入了 解如何做到每天按时上班并保持活力。


Participating Companies//参与公司

  1. ABC Cooking Studio
  2. BaseFit
  3. China Football Club
  4. HNA Tourism
  5. Hutong School
  6. Palms L.A. Kitchen
  7. Pingo Space
  8. Papp’s Tea
  9. Pioneer Academics
  10. Shang Learning
  11. WELL and FIT
  12. Vericant
  13. VeeR  
  14. yoli

Agenda // 活动安排
Saturday//星期六, 9/9/2017
13.00 – 13.30 : Check-in & Registration // 签到登记
13.30 – 16.00 : Job Fair + Networking Session + Job Fair // 招聘会+社交环节+招聘会
16.00 – 17.15 : Raise Your Wellness with BaseFit & BaseFuel //与BaseFit和BaseFuel助您健康 常在   

Tickets // 门票:

  1. Prepaid Entry Ticket // 提前支付门票 :
    70RMB(Deposit of 50RMB will be given back on 9/9/2017) // 70元(2017年9月9日返还50元押金)
  2. Prepaid Entry & Workshop Ticket//提前支付入场&工作坊门票  :
    88RMB (Deposit of 50RMB will be given back on 9/9/2017) // 88元(2017年9月9日返还50元押金)
  3. Walk-In/Pay at the Door//步行进入/门口付费 :
    100RMB // 100元
  4. Raise Your Wellness with BaseFit & BaseFuel//BaseFit和BaseFuel助您健康常在 :
    100RMB // 100元*
    *Gain insight into ways of staying active while still getting to the office on time. Sip into your fresh BaseFuel smoothies right after the workout and enjoy vouchers worth 500RMB/each!! // 帮助您深入了解如何做到每天按时上班并保持活力。工作坊后可以享用 BaseFuel思慕雪,并可获得 500 元代金券一张。



Location //活动地址
mydream+ ChaoWai MEN Space // 梦想加朝外Men办公楼
Floor 3, ChaoWai MEN Building, No.26 ChaoYangMenWai DaJie, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China
Directions: 800m walk to Chaoyangmen subway station (Line 2). The building is right across U-town Mall
Show on Baidu Map // 点击这里查看百度地图位置

WeChat Registration September Jobfair

Scan the QR Code below or simply click “Here” To learn more about our exciting workshops and activities!

Would like to as a participating company? Drop [email protected] a message now!
想参加吗?赶紧发送邮件至 [email protected]吧!


Your job fair just got that much sweeter, we are offering up a spa day by Kocoon Spa worth 500 RMB for one lucky winner who signed up to our “Road to Success” Job Fair happening on 9/9/2017! Make your spa day a reality by signing up to our job fair now!

您的招聘会即将变得更加甜蜜!如果您已经注册了我们9月9日“成功之路”招聘会,就有机会成为幸运赢家,享受Kocoon Spa赞助的一个价值500元的温泉水疗日机会!把您的温泉水疗日的梦想变成现实,快来注册参加我们的招聘会吧!

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