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JingJobs Job Fair 2017//2017 JingJobs 招聘会

unlock your future At JingJobs, we are bringing a myriad of career opportunities to you. You will not just be limited to just expanding your professional network. You will also have the opportunity to interact with our key influencers and entrepreneurs. You may also have a chance of being hired to work with notable companies in China. 
Building a career is never easy, so let us help you! (Read: If you are not scoring a job at the job fair, You’re not doing it right) JingJobs将为你带来无数的就业机会,这里不仅可以拓展职场人脉,零距离与各行业的领导者和企业家互动,更有机缘被国内的顶尖企业雇主聘用!职业发展并非易事,让我们助你一臂之力。 Come to WeWork for our Job Fair and Workshop on Saturday, 13th May 2017 from 1pm-4pm*. 快来WeWork参加我们Job Fair,周六(13/5/2017) 下午13:00-16:00* *Agenda/日程安排: 13.00 – 13.45 : Workshop//工作坊 (Ticket Price//票价: 30RMB) 14.00 – 14.45 : Workshop//工作坊 (Ticket Price//票价: 30RMB) 13.00 – 16.00 : Job Fair & Networking//招聘会和社交(Ticket Price//免费: Free) Tickets//门票: Pre-registered (No Workshop)//早鸟票(无工作坊): Free//免费! Pre-registered + 1 Workshop//早鸟票+工作坊: 30RMB//元 Register & Pay at the door + 1 Workshop//现场购票+工作坊: 50RMB//元 Location//地点: WeWork Guanghualu//光华路WeWork 7th Floor, YuanYang International Building AB, 10 Jintong West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 北京市 朝阳区 金铜西路 十号 远洋国际 AB座 7层 Click here to view location on Baidu Map//点击此处查看具体位置

Register for your free entry ticket now 马上注册领取免费入场券! Long press and scan the QR Code above//长按扫描上方二维码.

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Interested in participating as a hiring company? Email [email protected] 有兴趣报名参会,请发邮件至[email protected]


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Workshop Speaker//工作坊嘉宾:

sam prof

Samantha Kwok

Founder of JingJobs, Leadership Council and Founding Team of the Beijing Women’s Network, Spin Instructor at GuCycle. Sam’s passion is to help young bilingual graduates and professionals make genuine connections with potential employers and empower them to take control of their own career development. nike huarache She is the founder of JingJobs, an online and offline platform dedicated to bringing together China-focused start-ups and fresh talent. As the Co-chair of the BWN Professional Development Series, she facilitates events and workshops that provide training in workplace skills relevant across various industries. nike roshe run Sam moved to Beijing 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia.

Samantha 不仅是JingJobs的创办人,领导委员会以及北京女性社交网的创建成员,而且是GuCycle的单车健身教练。 Sam致力于为精通双语的大学毕业生和专业人士与企业家们建立起沟通的桥梁,并使他们真正成为职业生涯上的主导者。她是JingJobs的创办人,一个线上线下致力于使国内新兴企业与年轻人才对接的平台。作为 BWN职业规划系列的合伙创办人,Sam组织活动和讲习会,针对不同行业所需的工作技能提供培训。 timberland 6-inch premium Sam 四年前从澳大利亚悉尼来到北京。 www.jingjobs.com

Karina Carter (profile shot)

Karina Carter

Karina Carter is the founder and Chief Fire Maker (and at times, Extinguisher) at Cavemen Coding. Websites that are branded Coded by C A V E M E N are all built from scratch and are fully optimised for China and all Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu,etc.). Karina is often found writing endless user paths and hugging her clients, all the while living by a simple motto: “Bros Before Hosting”. acheter chaussures nike Some of our bros are: Score composer for Metal Gear, Call of Duty and Terminator Genisys (www.danieljamescomposer.com) Medical Cannabis Application portal (confidential) Funky, crazy talented Stone Yu (Exclamation.tv) China’s answer to Berlin’s Boiler Room (recroom.live) Aussie doctor powerhouse making everyone’s lives easier (www.unpageme.com)

Karina Carter Cavemen Coding的创始人 & CEO Caveman Coding 的所有网站都是从0 到有,并且针对国内实况进行搜索引擎优化(谷歌、必应、雅虎、百度等). Cavemen Coding, 我们秉持着“Bros before Hosting”的座右铭,在合作的过程与我们的客户建立了良好的情谊。

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