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If you’re Not Scoring a Job at the Job Fair, You’re Not Doing It Right



With 3 upcoming job fairs this weekend, (and the Ridiculously Amazing JingJobs Job Fair Coming Up in May), if you’re still out of a job, then this article will save your bum. Before checking out the information on the three job fairs at the end of the article, here’s what to do before, during and after job fairs.


Before the job fair:

  1. Do your homework
    Most job fairs will list out participating companies and job openings. Do your research on the company backgrounds and skill set that the job will require so you can be well prepped with the proper information and appropriate CV.
  1. Reach out to the company
    If you haven’t heard, linked-in is THE social network for professional relationships and opportunities. T to connect with the companies you are interested in on linked-in to get a better idea of the positions offered and other opportunities.
  1. Develop a personal pitch
    Hundreds of people will pass by each booth during job fairs, so prepare a short 60-90 second self-introduction to catch the HR’s attention and leave an impression.
  1. Be prepared
    Dress in comfortable and appropriate business attire, bring extra copies of your CV and draft a simple schedule for your day. Sometimes it’s even better to arrive 15 – 30 minutes before the Job Fair starts – most companies will have already set up and you may get some quality time with your target companies.


During the Job Fair:

  1. Be comfortable and confident.
    It’s important to appear confident and leave an impression at job fairs. Take many breaks to ensure a clear head and if you’re really nervous, approach any company to warm up before you head over to your target company
  1. Build a connection
    Try to build a personal connection with the staff, whether it’s by sharing an interesting experience with your personal pitch, or finding alumni at the booth.


Following up

  1. Thank you e-mails.
    Reach out to the contacts you connect with during the event. Relate to the conversation during the Job fair and express your appreciation for their time. Thank you letters are a good way to subtly express your interest and recommend yourself a second time.

*This article is based on “Checklist for Candidates” from The German Chambers Network website and Touchdown Career article “别怕H1B改革,教你用好Job Fair, 分分钟拿到面试机会”.


Job Fairs Happening This Week:

14th Sino-German Job Fair
Sino-German Job Fair
Time: April 22nd (Sat), 9 AM – 4 PM
Location: Marriott Hotel Northeast (Liangmaqiao)
For more Information, please click here


Career Fair for International Students
International Students Career Fair
Time: April 22nd( Sat) 10AM – 4 PM
Location: Peking University New Sun Student Center
For more Information, please click here


Swedish Career Fair
Swedish Job FairTime: April 23rd (Sun) 10 AM – 5 PM
Location: Westin Hotel (Liangmaqiao)
For more Information, please click here

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