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How To: Transform Your Interview Results

How to transform your interview results! by Peter Edwards In an interview situation, the very best candidates not only tick all the boxes in terms of relevant skills, competencies, and experience, they also actively demonstrate a high-level of insight in the role itself, as well as an ability to hit the ground running if offered the position. In order to stand out from the competition in this way, you should try to speak with at least one employee within the company ahead of the interview. Your number one target is the person doing the very role you are applying for, setting yourself up perfectly to ask the following questions: – What are the immediate and upcoming priorities within the role, and what advice do you have to deliver them successfully? – What does a typical day look like, and are there any key interactions with other departments? – How does the role fit into the organisations overall strategy and mission? Having answers to these questions will prepare you effectively for your interview, and allow you to share deep insights that go way beyond the job description. You will also show a level of preparedness to do the job that goes beyond any other candidate that has not taken such initiative as you. Top Tip: Sometimes you can track down employees by calling the company directly. chausson ugg However, sometimes you need to be a bit more resourceful in your approach, using websites such as LinkedIn, or even leveraging friendships or professionals in your network for kind introductions to company employees. Whatever your approach, just make sure you are polite, friendly and professional! Personal Example: I once landed an excellent career opportunity, working directly for an Executive Director of a nuclear energy company, using many of the approaches outlined above. In this instance, the Executive Director had recently arrived at the company I was working at, and immediately created a new position directly below him. adidas zx 500 It was a great opportunity, but one which would see me competing against some excellent internal candidates. I knew that every advantage mattered in order to really stand out. The major challenge I foresaw was, given that the Executive Director and the position he created were both new, I would need to search beyond the walls of my company to get the insights I really wanted, as there simply wasn’t any reference point on either him or the newly created position. I reached out to my professional network, and fortunately found someone that was happy to facilitate an email introduction to his former Executive Assistant at his last company. A phone call followed, and I was able to benefit from a wealth of insights, such as learning about his preferred working and management style, and how he liked management information to be presented to him. I also received an important vote of confidence, informing me that he was a great guy to work for! When interviewed for the role by the Executive Director, I left him thunderstruck when I told him that I had spoken to his former Executive Assistant from his last company! He was naturally impressed that I had an understanding of his preferred working style, and also the extent to which I’d gone in terms of preparing for the interview and the role. Needless to say, I got the job, and he later told me that my additional efforts were what made me stand out from others. bottes timberland pas cher I hope this blog post has been useful to you. nike roshe run Best of luck in your job hunting efforts, Peter About this month’s blogger: 1 Peter Edwards jingjobs jingnews Peter Edwards is the General Manager of China Carbon Forum (www.chinacarbon.info), responsible for its overall business development and organisational management.

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