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How To Beat Golden Week in Beijing // 北京十一黄金周期间活动

Here we are again – another year, another week long break. For some, it is time to wind down from hectic schedules, answering emails, think about work, or simply, celebrate the founding of People’s Republic of China. Surely, plans to travel, visit places with breathtaking sceneries, or kicking back to relax from all hectic schedules have been made. But what if tickets are all sold out and foiled your plans, or you hit a plateau during the break and got bored? Worry not; we have solutions for you to enjoy the Golden Week in Beijing! 我们又来啦又是一年,又是一个休息长假。 对于一些人来说,是时候从回复电子邮件,思考工作等等这些繁忙的日程安排中放松一下,开始简简单单地渡过国庆了。 当然,很多人已经做了计划去旅行,去参观令人叹为观止的景点或者从繁忙的事务中抽身出来。 但是,如果想去的地方门票却售罄,不能按原计划进行,又或者您度假的时候觉得无所事事,倍感无聊? 不用担心,我们有办法让您安稳的享受北京黄金周。

  1. Avoid tourist areas // 避免旅游区

It’s understandable that people would want to visit famous landmarks and have travel pictures to post on social media, but one thing is for sure: do not visit them during the Golden Week! 可以理解的是,大家想参观名胜古迹,然后把旅游照片晒到朋友圈里。但有一点是肯定的:千万别在十一黄金周期间参观啊!


Yes, that’s what the Tiananmen Square looks like during the holiday. So it is better for to avoid these areas, unless the FOMO in you takes over, we can only wish you luck. Soldes 2017 Asics 看,这就是放假期间天安门广场的情况, 所以尽量避免去这些地方。除非你什么都不愿意错过,除此之外,我们只能说一句:祝你好运。 adidas superstar aliexpress

  1. Hutong Afternoons // 下午的北京胡同

dongsi-hutong Fall is here, and what better way to spend the chilly weather than to walk around the hutongs? There are a lot of less known hutong areas in Beijing, you can read this article by The Beijinger on things to do when you visit Dongsi hutong; a perfect escape from the modern Beijing. 北京的秋天在这里,有什么能比得上秋高气爽的时节去胡同闲庭漫步更好的呢? 北京有很多不知名的胡同小区,您可以在The Beijinger发布的文章《游览东四胡同时,您绝对要做的事儿》详细了解;这绝对是逃离北京都市的完美选择。

  1. Visit the Beijing Design Week // 参观北京设计周

Every year since 2011, the Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group and Beijing Industrial Design Center holds Beijing Design Week that opens from the end of September to the beginning of October. The word “week” is somewhat misleading, because the event stretches well into October. Go on over to BJDW’s website for more details. 2011年起,每年9月底至10月初,北京歌华文化发展集团和北京工业设计中心都会举办北京设计周。 asics gel pas cher 这个词有点误导,因为整个活动会一直从九月延伸到十月份。 如需了解更多详情,您可浏览BJDW官网。

  1. Go Paintballing // 去玩彩弹游戏吧

Challenge yourself with this thrilling and entertaining experience! The Olympic Sports Center Paintball Strike Range offers 50 bullets for RMB150 or 100 bullets for RMB 220, with full protective gear. Make sure you have your identification with you, and book the range in advance. 挑战自我,体验这刺激又有趣的冒险之旅吧!奥林匹克运动中心彩弹射击场将提供您彩弹以及全套保护装备,价格分别是150元50枚或220元100枚。 确保提前预订,入场前带上身份证。 Olympic Sports Center Paintball 1 Anding Road Chaoyang District 朝阳区安定路1号 9am-12pm, 1-5.30pm (laser); 9am-8.30pm (paintball) 5. Get sophisticated at the 798 Art District // 798艺术区丰富你的经历 The art district has a lot to offer, from art galleries to outdoor installations, and a lot of Bauhaus-style factory buildings. asics gel lyte 3 Enjoy your own company at the cafes around the area, walk around and appreciate the artistic vibe, the place is full of artistic surprise. Read this article by The Culture Trip if you want to find out more. 艺术区有很多地方可供观赏,从艺术画廊到户外设施,以及大量的包豪斯式的工厂大楼。您可以在此区的咖啡馆,独自闲庭漫步,欣赏美好的艺术氛围。这是一个充满艺术惊喜的地方。

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