gucycle jingjobs jingnews beijing gucycle jingjobs jingnews beijing gucycle jingjobs jingnews beijing Beijing’s answer to Soulcycle has appeared in the form of GuCycle, a glossy new spinning studio located near Central Park in Chaoyang. The interior is slick, sleek and modern, with clean lines and an airy, space-age white colour scheme. Booking is handled online. ugg australia bailey button Simply download their app (search: GuCycle) from the app store and sign yourself in for one of their classes. Currently, classes are offered everyday at varying times. All you have to do is buy a class (packages and pricing information are available on the app) and book yourself a bike. gucycle jingjobs jingnews beijing If it’s your first time spinning, I recommend booking a bike closer to the instructor. nike air max classic bw soldes Don’t be intimidated, as before any class the instructor will ask if anyone’s a beginner. Alternatively, introduce yourself to any member of GuCycle’s friendly staff and they will help you get familiar with the equipment. nike air max 2018 The class I attended was about half full – the studio is intimate and cosy, and filled with rows of bikes that will be your instruments of torture for the next hour. I struggled with clipping my spinning shoes into the bike and was promptly attended to by my beaming instructor Tony. adidas messi 2017 As the music boomed, the class began I felt a sense of sinking regret, that intensified whenever I shifted in my seat (Note: the seats are slightly uncomfortable, especially for those unaccustomed to biking). As the class progressed, the infectious enthusiasm of Tony passed onto me. I had so much fun that I forgot the discomfort of my seat and everything that had been weighing on my mind seemed a million miles away. gucycle jingjobs jingnews beijing gucycle jingjobs jingnews beijing Spinning classes are infamous for their addictive qualities and many spinning addicts declare that they can’t function without a daily spin. After a class, I can see why. nike air huarache The music is loud, loud enough to drown out any niggling thoughts about work, or finances, or that fight with your friend, and the instructor’s constant stream of motivation and positivity could elevate even the most cynical. A spin class is just fun, pure and simple. When the black lights are on, and everyone’s clothes are glowing in the dark, it’s like being in a club (Elements on a Saturday night!). The time flies by, and before I knew it, Tony was leading us through gentle stretches on the bike. Classes here are great for all levels as you can adjust the resistance on your bike to your own preference. Tricky sections of the class include using weights on the bike, in which a strong core and balance is required lest you topple off your bike, but that’s mainly it. Either way, you’ll leave drenched in sweat and feeling invigorated.

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