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Food Profile: Shabana Gulrajani of MAVI

Shabana Gulrajani is the founder of Mavi, an artisan chocolate and gourmet dessert patisserie near Xintiandi. jingjobs jingnews Shabana Gulrajani of MAVI Name: Shabana Gulrajani Company: MAVI Artisan Chocolates & Artisan Desserts Hi Shabana! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to Shanghai? I’m Indian by origin, British by nationality and Hong Kong born. I studied law in the UK and graduated as a dual lawyer in the UK and Hong Kong, married in 2007 and then moved to Shanghai as my husbands work brought us here. After working a couple of years in the law business in China, I decided to pursue my passion – chocolates! I met my partner in 2012 and told her about my passion. Fortunately, she had taken courses on how to make chocolates and we worked together to create our first dream portfolio. With that, we started our research development and further training in Shanghai and we met our production manager shared our dream and had the same passion. In 2013, we started our professional home factory and started working on our standard menu, designing the logo, building clients, catering to private VIP events, and creating customized desserts for special events. We realized there was something special we could offer. ugg noir We have passion combined with talent and an eye for high end quality gourmet desserts! We felt this was lacking in the market. Whilst people were price sensitive, they were not quality conscious and this is what MAVI stands for – quality! We would reduce our collections if we had to, but never compromise on quality! jingjobs jingnews Shabana Gulrajani of MAVI What’s the Mavi story? We’d love to know what inspired you to make your own chocolate. A company called Chocoline – my father was born in Hong Kong and had the opportunity to travel the world for business . He was very fortunate to have met a lot of wonderful people in his life and made great friends that can be considered as good as family. The person behind this company was a good friend of my fathers and gifted him a lot of chocolates from Chocoline! They have a variety of wrapped chocolates and gosh, they are beautiful !!! Like little artistic creations – so beautiful (no exaggeration) that you wouldn’t want to eat them! They inspired me and I’ve always wanted to ‘inspire’ and ‘be an inspiration’ and I thought China would be the place to make my dream come true. We wanted to go slow and work on building a brand and building brand awareness, and in a place like China it’s important to understand things are expensive and money should be used the right way, if we wanted to see ourselves become successful. MAVI is a name that incorporates both mine & my partner’s and our childrens’ names. MA= Manya; VI= Vivaan. jingjobs jingnews Shabana Gulrajani of MAVI Have you always loved chocolate? How did you set about learning the craft of chocolate making? I’ve always loved chocolate and I’ve always had a sweet tooth! I love learning new things, especially things I have a passion for and I enjoyed my training in Shanghai. We learnt about how to temper chocolate, different flavors, shapes, colors, different % chocolate, origin chocolate, pralines, truffles, decoration and much more!

jingjobs jingnews Shabana Gulrajani of MAVI
MAVI’s signature Crown cake
What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced since opening Mavi? How’s the public response been so far? The biggest challenge is understanding the culture and the different tastes, and incorporating what our company is about, which is quality. Adidas Zx pas cher We want to emphasise that quality DOES matter! It does make a difference. We want MAVI to create a lifestyle, to mean something special to customers when they come in and to taste something different and amazing at the same time with our MAVI desserts. adidas zx flux amazon Even if it’s a classic like tiramisu, they need to try to understand why our tiramisu is ‘literally to die-for’ …we take basic ingredients and unique recipes and create a balance in taste & texture that somehow works. jingjobs jingnews Shabana Gulrajani of MAVI What exciting creations can we look forward to from Mavi? Every season we have something new but at the moment we’ve come up with our new recipe, a CHERRY BOMB BON BON. It’s a sour cherry, white silky Valrhona ganache chocolate Bon Bon which is the ‘bomb’! It’s a perfect combo of sour & sweet and we are so excited to start selling this to our customers after Easter. air jordan 11 Could you tell us some of your favourite places to go to in Shanghai? (food, shopping etc.) I love love boutique shopping. adidas nmd I love artistic, I love creative and I love unique and this is why I don’t mind spending a bit on boutique fashion products because it’s one of a kind and I like to find my own style. For food, Cantonese Food is my favorite so it has to be Crystal Jade in Xintiandi if I have to choose, but I’m loving Hakkasan too right now! I think Shanghai is such a beautiful city with so much to do and so much to learn, so I love exploring and learning the daily secrets of what this city has to offer.

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