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Movers and Shakers in the Jing!

Social Networking Events China: 17th February – 25th February

Social Networking Events China: 17th February – 25th February

17/02/2017 18:45-TBD German Gathering (Deutscher Stammtisch) CityWeekendShanghai Cost No admission fee The German Club Shanghai organizes it’s monthly gathering for the German Community in Shanghai. Meet new friends, come over and enjoy the evening with externs, students, expats, professionals and everybody else who wants to join. No admission fee, no need to register. Good for networking. Stay connected. Abbey Road …

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Social Networking Events China: 9th February – 20th March

Social Networking in China: 9th February to 20th March

  Date/Time Event Location 14/02/2017 18:30-21:30 Young Professionals Welcome Back Network and Cocktail Making Class AmCham China Cost Students RMB 100 while anyone else is RMB 200 Contact organizer +86 022-23185072 Are you looking for a great way to spend Valentine’s Day? If so, we invite you to attend this young professionals networking event at the O’hara Bar of the …

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All You Need to Know about China’s New Foreign Work Permit


Foreign Work Permit (外国人工作许可证), is a combination of Alien Employment Permit (Z-Visa) and Foreign Expat Certificate (R-Visa). In other words, foreign applicants only need to apply for a Foreign Work Permit to be legally employed in China. This new pilot program introduced in November 2016 and will become available nationwide by April 1st, 2017. Any foreigner currently holding a regular …

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Podcast: JingJobs Interview with Bill Li from MyDreamPlus


  Victoria: Hi, my name is Victoria Landa-Steinau and you are listening to JingNews. Today we learn more about MyDreamPlus, a company that was founded in May 2015 and—within its first year of opening—was valued at 200 million RMB. With an emphasis on revolutionizing the workspace, MyDreamPlus has successfully opened 13 offices and plans on opening 5 more by the …

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New Visa Updates for Foreign Graduates in China

Good news! Starting 2017, foreigners who have graduated within the last year with a Master Degree from a Chinese university or a non-Chinese university will have the opportunity to apply for a work visa right after you graduate. A statement outlining these requirements for foreign students to apply for this visa has been published by the Ministry of Human Resources, the …

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Founder’s Profile : A Free Trial Class with yoli


Today we’re here with a co-founder of yoli, James Lalonde. yoli is a mandarin language learning platform that runs completely within WeChat. Founded in October 2015, yoli has experienced great success with their first platform providing English classes, and have recently started providing Mandarin classes. If you’d like to improve your Mandarin, be sure to try a free trial through …

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Startup Profile : Isabel & Teresa from WuTang


Please tell us more about yourself and WuTang. Teresa’s Background : Born and raised in Beijing and left Beijing to Wellesley, Massachusetts for high school and met Isabel. Later went off to Brown University to study History. Isabel’s Background  : Born and raised in Beijing and left Beijing to Wellesley, Massachusetts for high school and met Teresa. Later went off …

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Starting Lean with Trevor Owens


  Trevor Owens Trevor Owens is an author and entrepreneur. The CEO and founder of Lean Startup Machine and Javelin. Owens has helped tens of thousands of startup founders and individuals from organizations including Google, Salesforce, News Corp, Intuit and others, start new businesses around the world. In his book, The Lean Enterprise : How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups …

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Business Profile: InnCube

InnCube jingjobs jingnews beijing china

Founders: Kevin and Becky Co-working Space: InnCube Hi Kevin and Becky ! Tell us a little bit about your background, where you’re from, where you studied, how did you meet? I grew up in Beijing and went to New York for my undergraduate 10 years ago. After finishing my studies at Columbia University, I worked in Wall Street for nearly …

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Food Revolution Profile: Erica Huang of Farm 2 Neighbours

farm 2 neighbors erica huang jingjobs jingnews

Name: Erica Huang Job: Owner of Farm 2 Neighbours How did you come to the conclusion that Beijing needed a Food Revolution? We all know that there is a serious air and environmental pollution problem in Beijing and in China, but not many people talk abut the even more serious public health issue happening. As Chinese economy getting better, more …

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Entrepreneur Feature: Chatting to _____? 聊天到____? by Mikey Chee

Mikey Chee

Simply print your memories from your phone with WeChat!   聊天到打印 Chatting to Print 最近,我们一直可以看到大量致力于开发顶层信使的基础服务和开发人员的涌现。 Facebook Messenger, Slack 和微信等公司就是典范公司,为企业提供将聊天放在首位来吸引用户的平台。 在Fresh Prints酷毙印,我们在微信中已采取这种”先聊天”的方法,为微信中的用户提供简单便捷的照片印刷服务。客户进入我们的微信公众号 (或官服务号),通过单独的 H5 页查看我们自定义的菜单, 并相关连代理/客户体验,切换到键盘开始聊天/订购。用户通过和我们的客服聊天,一个可以提供多样词汇、emoji、名片等的代理,可以体验到一个无痛化订购系统。  Recently, we’ve been seeing a huge influx of message based services and developers that are building on top of messenger. Facebook Messenger, Slack and WeChat are examples of companies that are providing the platform for …

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Entrepreneur Profile: Dominic Johnson-Hill of Plastered 8

plastered 8 dominic jingjobs jingnews

Dominic Johnson-Hill is the brains behind Plastered 8. Describe a typical work week at Plastered. Christ… there’s no typical one really. I spend around 20% of my week with media. So I have some regular TV shows that I do, radio shows, and then online stuff. That’s really where and how I market the brand by getting myself on television …

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Wellness Profile: Marte van Os of Mantra Bar and Finger Licking Fit

Mantra Bar marte vanos jingnews jingjobs beijing health

Beijing’s resident health warrior, Marte has made a name for herself around town for her beautiful, delicious food and most recently, her Mantra Bar line. You may also recognise her from previous blogs she has done for JingNews – read them here, here and here. Name: Marte van Os Job: Founder of Finger Licking Fit and Mantra Bar Hi Marte! …

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Wellness Profile: GLO Kitchen + Fitness

glo kitchen fitness beijing jingjobs jingnews

GLO Kitchen + Fitness is Beijing’s fitness destination. They offer holistic and wholesome lifestyle experiences with healthy food and exercise. First of all, can you tell us – what is GLO exactly? GLO Kitchen + Fitness is a three-floor concept space in the Central Business District of Beijing. It is a modern and casual dining space, where you can enjoy …

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Entrepreneur Profile: Mikey Chee of Fresh Prints

fresh prints mikey chee jingjobs jingnews

Mikey Chee is the founder of Fresh Prints, a WeChat photo printing company that simply prints your memories. Hi Mikey! Please could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up in Beijing? I’m an ABC from New Jersey and relocated to Beijing 2 years ago for work. I’m 25, entrepreneurial spirit, BJ lacrosse promoter and a …

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Founders Profile: Spoonhunt

jingjobs jingnews spoonhunt

Spoonhunt is a tool that covers popular restaurants in major cities, with English menus, prices and photos and makes dining out in China fun. Hi Adam and Emma! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to Shanghai? Adam: I started learning Chinese when I was 15 because my grandparents were from Ningbo, so I wanted …

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Start-up Profile: Imagine China

start up profile imagine china pete tupper jingjobs jingnews

Imagine. brings exciting, inspirational and imaginative activities to families, schools and companies in and around the Beijing area. Name: Pete Tupper Start Up: Imagine. China Can you tell us a little bit about you; why and how did you end up in Beijing? When I was training as a ski and snowboard instructor and studying Chinese back in Europe, I …

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Food Profile: Christiana Zhu of Yeyo Yogurt

Christian Zhu of Yeyo Yogurt jingjobs jingnews

Hi Christiana! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to Beijing? I’m a Chinese-Kiwi (aka “Chiwi”) from Auckland, NZ. I started my career in PR, marketing New Zealand as a tourism destination to travelers from Asia. Although it was great fun, where I did things like throwing Bollywood stars (that I didn’t recognize) out of …

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Food Profile: Shabana Gulrajani of MAVI

jingjobs jingnews Shabana Gulrajani of MAVI

Shabana Gulrajani is the founder of Mavi, an artisan chocolate and gourmet dessert patisserie near Xintiandi. Name: Shabana Gulrajani Company: MAVI Artisan Chocolates & Artisan Desserts Hi Shabana! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to Shanghai? I’m Indian by origin, British by nationality and Hong Kong born. I studied law in the UK and graduated …

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Start-up Profile: BottlesXO

bottlesxo jingjobs jingnews shanghai wine

 BottlesXO in Shanghai delivers, in less than 60 minutes, high quality and reasonably priced European wines to wherever you are. Whether you run out of wine at your dinner party, have a moment with your loved one in a park or just need a good bottle in a restaurant, BottlesXO will deliver your wine at perfect drinking temperature with no …

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