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Shanghai Eats: MAVI

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If you’re ever in Shanghai, don’t neglect to pass by Mavi and spend awhile enjoying their desserts. Located in Xintiandi, it’s the perfect place to pop by and enjoy something sweet. An artisan chocolate and gourmet patisserie, Mavi specialises in desserts that are at once beautiful and delicious. As visually stunning as they are delightful taste wise, we can guarantee …

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GLO Kitchen + Fitness

glo kitchen fitness jingjobs jingnews

A bright airy space located at the front of Guanghua Soho, GLO occupies a split level space with seating areas and a fridge stocked full of delicious, healthy goodies. asics whizzer Think green drinks, raw energy balls made from cacao and dates, and house made fresh nut milk. GLO’s official name is GLO Kitchen + Fitness – the kitchen is …

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JingNews Travel Series: Sanya

jingnews travel series sanya jingjobs

Sanya 三亚 If you’re tired of the cold and looking for short break somewhere warm, then head down to Sanya! Described as the Hawaii of China, Sanya is situated on the southern end of Hainan island. The island has no winter and is warm all year round and attracts many tourists from colder parts of China, such as Heilongjiang or …

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Our Pick of the Best Private Mandarin Schools in Chaoyang

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That’s Mandarin For professional, personalised classes taught by dedicated, passionate teachers, look no further than That’s Mandarin. With branches in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities, they also have an online school. That’s Mandarin tailors their classes for their students and offer two kinds of classes – one on one private classes, and group classes with a maximum of five …

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Dark Chocolate Covered Popcorn with Sea Salt from Finger Licking Fit

Finger Licking Fit

First time I made this I was jumping around my tiny Beijing kitchen like an excited little monkey. Louboutin Pas Cher The magical wonders of chemistry: boring corn kernels go into a pan which will be covered with a lid, there’s the sound of great fireworks and, tada, the pan is filled to the brim with warm and fresh popcorn. …

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Thank You, Beijing – 5 Little Things to Appreciate

Thank You, Beijing

Beijing is a brilliantly fast-paced, intricately complicated, and amazingly diverse city. Beijing has 22 million citizens occupying the streets, the subways, and the apartment buildings. Beijing has extremely upscale malls, and strips of quaint and hipster hutong shops. There is an excitement in Beijing that I can sense every time I step out of my apartment. This city has so …

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Meal Prep Hacks from Finger Licking Fit

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Meal prep hacks for effortless healthy cooking Eating consistently healthy is a challenge, especially in Beijing where life is all about instant gratification. When hunger strikes the countless restaurants and delivery options are ready to make life easier, but not necessarily healthier. By cooking your own meals you know exactly what’s in your food, and because of this you’re also …

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Switch Off! How to Deal with Work Overload and Stress

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Starting fresh at a new job, relentlessly job seeking or pursuing your professional career is stressful. Office hours turn into late nights and sunrises and it may be hard to switch off from the merciless deadlines, financial plans, co-worker relations and upcoming business conferences which we find our minds wandering towards in the late hours of the evening. Anxiety becoming …

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Cacha Cacha

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Cacha Cacha is a new Thai food joint opened up in the swanky Taikoo Li North. Specialising in Northern Thai food, it boasts a chef from second-generation chef from Chiang Mai whose grandfather used to cook for the Thai royal family. Soldes Louboutin The restaurant itself is fun and kitschy, with neon lights and metal. The design is reminiscent of …

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Uncle 表叔茶餐厅

uncle jingjobs jingnews liangmaqiao

Walking into Uncle (表叔茶餐厅) is like entering a hidden little cha chain tent off a side street of Hong Kong, albeit one a lot brighter and cleaner, and actually located in the Grand Summit in Liangmaqiao. adidas stan smith Pas Cher The wall is decorated with tins of Carnation condensed milk, Vitasoy soy milk and pictures of HK movie stars. …

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Sweetie Salad

sweetie salad jingjobs jingnews

You may have heard of Sweetie Salad because of their unfortunate PR stunt gone wrong last year, but there is much more to them than scantily-clad gladiators handing out salad. We all know it’s hard eating healthy, especially somewhere like Beijing. Sweetie Salad offers a sizeable range of good, affordable salads. All the salads come in clear cylinders, complete with …

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New Visa Updates for Foreign Graduates in China

Good news! Starting 2017, foreigners who have graduated within the last year with a Master Degree from a Chinese university or a non-Chinese university will have the opportunity to apply for a work visa right after you graduate. ugg australia pas cher A statement outlining these requirements for foreign students to apply for this visa has been published by the …

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Bear Kung-Fu Noodles 熊样儿功夫面

jingjobs jingnews Bear Kung-Fu Noodles 熊样儿功夫面

Stepping into Bear Kung-Fu Noodles (my own shoddy translation), or 熊样儿功夫面, is a bit like walking into a Sanrio, a chain of Japanese stores that sell cutesy stuffed toys and everything Hello Kitty. chaussure de tennis asics The decor is kitschy, and yellow and black are predominant in their bold colour scheme. The dining area is relatively small, and the …

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gucycle jingjobs jingnews beijing

Beijing’s answer to Soulcycle has appeared in the form of GuCycle, a glossy new spinning studio located near Central Park in Chaoyang. The interior is slick, sleek and modern, with clean lines and an airy, space-age white colour scheme. Booking is handled online. ugg australia bailey button Simply download their app (search: GuCycle) from the app store and sign yourself …

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Slow Boat Brewery

3  JingJobs JingNews SlowBoat Sanlitun

Slow Boat has finally opened their long-awaited new storefront in Sanlitun. ugg bottes Walking in, you are greeted by a slick modern interior, with pops of red dominating the colour scheme. adidas tubular To get an idea of how bright and airy Slowboat is, the space was originally a warehouse and took over 5 months to renovate. With a delicious, …

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JingNews Travel Series: Kunming

jingjobs JingNews Travel Series Kunming

Kunming 昆明 Kunming is the capital city of Southwestern Yunnan. Yunnan’s landscape is extremely diverse, with snow capped mountains and deep gorges in Lijiang and huge lakes and spectacular eroded stones in Kunming. There are tropical plants animals in Xishuangbanna and grasslands in Zhong Dian (also known as Shangri-La.) China has 55 ethnic minorities, and Yunnan is home to 51 …

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Country Kitchen at the Rosewood

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The Rosewood in Beijing keeps hitting it out of the park with their restaurants. Country Kitchen, their trendy open-kitchen restaurant, serves up authentic comfort food from the north of China. Walking in, we are greeted with billowing clouds of steam as chefs hand pull fresh, chewy noodles and steam piles of dumplings. The hefty menu is packed with hearty northern …

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JingNews Travel Series: Lijiang and Shangri-La City

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Lijiang and Shangri-La City Lijiang is a town in the Southwestern province of Yunnan and is so beautiful that walking around the town makes you feel like you’ve fallen into a fairytale. adidas original With breathtaking snowcapped mountains, rivers and streams, clear fresh air and extremely friendly people, this is a place you can’t miss out on. The main ethnic …

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JingNews Travel Series: Nanjing

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Nanjing 南京 Nanjing is the capital city of China’s eastern province, Jiangsu and lies on the south bank of the Yangtze river. adidas homme Nanjing is a very popular holiday destination for both Chinese and Western tourists due to its rich history and long cultural heritage. Did you know that Nanjing was the capital of China for 10 dynasties? Nanjing …

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All You Need to Know about China’s New Foreign Work Permit


Foreign Work Permit (外国人工作许可证), is a combination of Alien Employment Permit (Z-Visa) and Foreign Expat Certificate (R-Visa). ugg pas cher In other words, foreign applicants only need to apply for a Foreign Work Permit to be legally employed in China. This new pilot program introduced in November 2016 and will become available nationwide by April 1st, 2017. Any foreigner currently …

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