Social Networking Events China: 21st April – 6th May

Social Networking

21/04/2017 09:00-18:00 2017 Demo China Spring CYZONE Cost RMB 388 Language: Chinese The conference will deliver the future trend of artificial intelligence, the meaning of entrepreneurship and the latest technology. It will help participants to get access to excellent projects and resource. National Convention Center, Beijing 北京·国家会议中心 21/04/2017 18:00-19:30 Event | InterChamber YP Series: Building Successful Online Brand Austcham This …

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Entrepreneur Profile: Gu Ji of Lai Ye

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.18.00 AM

Ji is Co-founder & COO at Zhulilaiye (助理来也), a start-up company focusing on providing personal assistant service to Chinese consumers powered by AI and human agents. She was also a columnist for Forbes China and a regular contributor to The Financial Times China and The WSJ China. A native Chinese speaker, she is fluent in English. Some of her numerous …

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Social Networking Events China: 14th April – 27th April

Social Networking Events China: 14th April - 27th April

14/04/2017 08:00-17:10 World of Tech 2017 Global Architecture and Operations Technology Summit WOT Cost RMB 2,500 Language: Chinese WOT focuses on the IT technology field, and will provide 15 technical symposia and invite more than 60 elites at home and overseas. Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel 北京富力万丽酒店 14/04/2017 13:00-17:00 Block Chain Entrepreneurial Tendency Wanglu Blockchain Cost Free Language: Chinese Blockchain, same …

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All You Need to Know about China’s New Foreign Work Permit


Foreign Work Permit (外国人工作许可证), is a combination of Alien Employment Permit (Z-Visa) and Foreign Expat Certificate (R-Visa). In other words, foreign applicants only need to apply for a Foreign Work Permit to be legally employed in China. This new pilot program introduced in November 2016 and will become available nationwide by April 1st, 2017. Any foreigner currently holding a regular …

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Podcast: JingJobs Interview with Bill Li from MyDreamPlus


  Victoria: Hi, my name is Victoria Landa-Steinau and you are listening to JingNews. Today we learn more about MyDreamPlus, a company that was founded in May 2015 and—within its first year of opening—was valued at 200 million RMB. With an emphasis on revolutionizing the workspace, MyDreamPlus has successfully opened 13 offices and plans on opening 5 more by the …

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New Visa Updates for Foreign Graduates in China

Good news! Starting 2017, foreigners who have graduated within the last year with a Master Degree from a Chinese university or a non-Chinese university will have the opportunity to apply for a work visa right after you graduate. A statement outlining these requirements for foreign students to apply for this visa has been published by the Ministry of Human Resources, the …

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Entrepreneur Feature: Chatting to _____? 聊天到____? by Mikey Chee

Mikey Chee

Simply print your memories from your phone with WeChat!   聊天到打印 Chatting to Print 最近,我们一直可以看到大量致力于开发顶层信使的基础服务和开发人员的涌现。 Facebook Messenger, Slack 和微信等公司就是典范公司,为企业提供将聊天放在首位来吸引用户的平台。 在Fresh Prints酷毙印,我们在微信中已采取这种”先聊天”的方法,为微信中的用户提供简单便捷的照片印刷服务。客户进入我们的微信公众号 (或官服务号),通过单独的 H5 页查看我们自定义的菜单, 并相关连代理/客户体验,切换到键盘开始聊天/订购。用户通过和我们的客服聊天,一个可以提供多样词汇、emoji、名片等的代理,可以体验到一个无痛化订购系统。  Recently, we’ve been seeing a huge influx of message based services and developers that are building on top of messenger. Facebook Messenger, Slack and WeChat are examples of companies that are providing the platform for …

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Top 3 Practical Living in China Articles

practical advice jingjobs jingnews china

With all these different pieces of  job advice, it can be easy to forget that to live in China what you need most is practical advice. The type of practical advice that will help with your everyday, day to day life – here we have gathered 3 invaluable pieces. 5 Advantages of Expat Life in China from GuideInChina Too many …

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Top 5 Job Advice Articles of this Week

jingjobs jingnews job

19 Interview Mistakes Young People Make That Cost Them Good Jobs From Business Insider by Jim Edwards You would think that most people know that wearing a t-shirt to a job interview is frowned upon, right? This list from business insider covers the top 19 mistakes young people make in interviews that cost them the job, and includes some surprising …

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What’s the Minimum Level of Fluency for Finding Work in China? by Olly Theobald for Asia Options

jingjobs china options jingnews

Mastering the official language of China is no easy feat. Tones, stroke order, pronunciation, and a seemingly endless supply of characters together pose a linguistic nightmare! Learning Chinese is especially difficult for full-time professionals due to the arduous time commitment involved in learning the language. Those with established proficiency are also prone to slipping into language complacency after they commence full-time …

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ChinaRadar (March Edition) brought to you by SeekPanda

chinaradar seekpanda jingjobs jingnews beijing trending

SeekPanda is a successful on-demand solution for finding business services in China, starting with translators and interpreters. Read more about it in our interview with the founders here. Top 5 Trending Bing Searches 1. 李克强答中外记者问 Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang Press Conference // China just wrapped up its “Two Meetings” which is one of the most regularly-occurring legislative meetings. At this …

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What Could Happen in China in 2015? by Gordon Orr (Part 2)

china jingjobs beijing

Part 1 here. Where will growth come from? The result of all of this is that drivers of economic growth will be harder to find in 2015. Increasing consumption has accounted for more than 50 percent of GDP growth for the past couple years. Its share, for reasons laid out above, will likely be smaller next year. Infrastructure investment is …

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What Could Happen in China in 2015? by Gordon Orr (Part 1)

china business jingjobs jingnews

What do you get when you add slower economic growth, greater volatility, and rising competition to more international flights and genuine Chinese innovation? McKinsey director Gordon Orr’s annual predictions. It seemed harder to prepare my “look ahead” this year. On reflection, I believe this is because political and economic leaders in China have clear plans and supporting policies that they …

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China Guanxi: You Don’t Have It

jingjobs guanxi china culture

I am instantly skeptical of China service providers who talk about their China connections. Those who tout their China connections/guanxi nearly always do so because they have little to say about their expertise or experience. More importantly, the value of guanxi for foreign companies doing business in China is overrated, for the following reasons. No foreigner can create a Chinese-style guanxi …

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What to Expect When Joining a Chinese Company


So you’ve moved to China, and you’ve managed to get yourself a job – but you might be worried. For a Western professional, moving to a wholly new workplace and environment is understandably very intimidating. Office culture in Mainland China can be a source of confusion, stress and embarrassment, so we have compiled a few pieces of advice for anyone joining …

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Who’s The Next Jack Ma? by Beijing Blend


15 years ago Jack Ma gathered a group of friends in his small apartment to talk about an idea to use the internet to help businesses connect with markets abroad. Today he’s China’s richest man – worth an estimated US$21.9 billion – and chairman of mammoth online retailer Alibaba. This week the former English teacher’s fortune is set to take …

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20 Things That Change After Living In China by Vanessa Elizabeth


I can feel my opinions of what is socially/morally/economically acceptable change as my experience in China continues… Here are the main 20. 1. Hot water is king. It’s cured everything for generations and will continue to do so into the future. 2. There are indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. You’re not a barbarian. 3. It is 100% acceptable to eat …

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Making the most of your Study Abroad in China (Part 2)


Making the most of your Study Abroad in China   This detail is often overlooked, but it is crucial. Studying in a new country means different currencies and different banks. Often, your debit card will either not work in China, or if it does, it comes with a hefty transaction fee. Trust me, this is not something that you want …

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Making the most of your Study Abroad in China (Part 1)


Making the most of your Study Abroad in China   China is gaining increasing popularity as a location for overseas students to study abroad. This is hardly surprising considering China’s recent and continuing economic boom and the fact that Mandarin is now one of the languages most widely spoken around the world. Being able to speak Mandarin is an asset …

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