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Business Profile: InnCube

InnCube jingjobs jingnews beijing china Founders: Kevin and Becky Co-working Space: InnCube Hi Kevin and Becky ! Tell us a little bit about your background, where you’re from, where you studied, how did you meet? I grew up in Beijing and went to New York for my undergraduate 10 years ago. chaussure nike pas cher After finishing my studies at Columbia University, I worked in Wall Street for nearly 3 years. air jordan 11 In the meantime, I ran two restaurants in NYC for two years and was reported by many leading medias such as New Yorker, NY Mag, NY Times etc. I met my business partner via high school and college mutual friends. InnCube jingjobs jingnews beijing china What is the story behind InnCube? Who came up with the idea and how did you form the concept? Last year, we really wanted to establish a coworking space in China that really focused on small businesses and helped them build a social platform. That’s why we decided to do this business together. adidas nmd femme When I met Becky, she had a architecture design company and had helped to design a few co-working spaces in Beijing. During the designing project, she decided to build one by herself. I met Becky right after I came back to Beijing from NY. We were introduced by a mutual friend from high school. We decide to build InnCube after a three hour talk. We visited many co-working spaces in Beijing and found out no one had a unique design. We decided to build a fashionable space in the center of Beijing – Sanlitun. InnCube jingjobs jingnews beijing china Your space has a very unique design. Why do you think this is important in a co working space and why did you choose to emphasise great design with quirky features? Because the designer is also our partner, we were able to take many different ideas and make them a reality. nike air max thea We want a real space, which means you can find different areas for working, talking, relaxing and just to have fun. We believe, as a co-working space, beside regular desks, we need a lot of common space for events, social life and personal needs. This is what comfortable co-working should be. InnCube jingjobs jingnews beijing china InnCube jingjobs jingnews beijing china What kind of job or entrepreneurial opportunities do you see for Chinese returnees? Why did you choose to return to China instead of stay in the US/Canada? I see many Chinese returnees from US had brought a lot good concepts back. They are not like returnees from generations ago who just copied concepts and brought them to China. They are now combining different ideas and make it a unique blend of China and the West. asics france I think entrepreneurs with overseas experiences have more innovative ideas. Chaussures adidas running I came back to China because of many new opportunities here. nike tn I hope I can bring the concepts from the US and implement them into Chinese community. InnCube jingjobs jingnews beijing china Any tips or advice for entrepreneurs looking to start something up in Beijing or Shanghai? Finding a good partner is No. 1. Finding a good co-working space can make your life much easier, because we can provide all different tips from starting a business registration to PR suggestions. Networking is very important for doing business in China, that’s why co-working spaces are getting really popular. InnCube jingjobs jingnews beijing china Any big plans for Inn Cube for 2016? InnCube will launch 3 more locations this year in Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming. We will introduce the InnCube Premium line in Shanghai. The premium line will have more solid designs and will be good for small to mid-size companies and provide higher standard services. nike air max femme InnCube jingjobs jingnews beijing china You have great spaces for events, what kind of events or organisations do you welcome? We welcome all different type of events from roadshows to speeches, networking parties to conferences. However, our limited space means we can only host up to 70 people. Asics gel nimbus pas cher For inquiries, please contact our community manager [email protected]

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