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Bear Kung-Fu Noodles 熊样儿功夫面

Stepping into Bear Kung-Fu Noodles (my own shoddy translation), or 熊样儿功夫面, is a bit like walking into a Sanrio, a chain of Japanese stores that sell cutesy stuffed toys and everything Hello Kitty. chaussure de tennis asics The decor is kitschy, and yellow and black are predominant in their bold colour scheme. The dining area is relatively small, and the motif of a black bear wearing a yellow sweatband, sweating heavily (perhaps from making ramen?), is stamped throughout the restaurant. Disclaimer: Before the review starts, I must admit that my standards for ramen are incredibly high – make of that what you will. The menu is compact and offers everything from sushi, to ramen, to fried rice, to gyoza. They also serve – wait for it – ramen burgers! Yes, ramen burgers that hipsters in Brooklyn will queue hours for. nike air huarache pas cher We didn’t sample them ourselves, but the table next to us ordered them and seemed to enjoy them thoroughly. The bear motif is present even in the menu, such as block of tofu shaped like a bear. As I glanced through the menu, my eye was caught by a black sesame ramen (35 RMB). It arrived shortly after, a murky black bowl of noodles staring up at me.

Bear Kung-Fu Noodles 熊样儿功夫面
Black sesame noodles
jingjobs jingnews Bear Kung-Fu Noodles 熊样儿功夫面 jingjobs jingnews Bear Kung-Fu Noodles 熊样儿功夫面 As I swirled the broth, I quickly realised that the black sesame wasn’t cooked with the broth – in fact, the sesame lay on the surface like some kind of pond weed. This meant that the noodles didn’t really taste like sesame, and since the actual ramen broth itself was rather weak and bland, the ramen was greatly lacking in flavour. The broth lacked depth of flavour that a good ramen broth should and was watery and thin, rather than thick and creamy. adidas superstar The noodles were far too soft, despite me asking for my noodles to be served hard. However, the prices reflect the product. For 35 RMB, this is a perfectly acceptable bowl of ramen. jingjobs jingnews Bear Kung-Fu Noodles 熊样儿功夫面 The cold spinach with sesame sauce was delicious. nike air max command soldes A tightly rolled bundle of mossy green spinach, with a generous pouring of rich, dense sesame sauce, this was quickly polished off. adidas superstar soldes The service was friendly and polite, and regularly topped up our water glasses. Located on Gongti Dong Lu, it is a stone’s throw away from where the Den used to be, making it a convenient location for a bite.

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